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Perseid Meteor Shower, Today’s Google Doodle Subject, Can Be Viewed Online

Google is showing a doodle for the annual Perseid meteor shower, which peaks tonight. The Perseids are a well-known meteor shower associated with the comet Swift-Tuttle. The point from which they appear to come lies in the Perseus constellation, which is where the meteors get their name. Google appropriately lends its doodle some animation and all around cool visuals: The …

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Meteor Shower Will Peak Tuesday Morning

A meteor shower made by Halley’s Comet will peak on Tuesday morning and will be easily viewable in a dark, clear sky. The meteor shower is made up of dust and debris that will fall from the tail of the comet. As these particles fall to earth and enter the atmosphere, they will light up and streak across the sky. …

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Meteor Shower to Light Up Night Sky

Halley’s Comet isn’t scheduled to make its next appearance in the inner solar system for another 47 years, but the debris left in the wake of the comet’s 1986 trip to the Sun is still causing quite a light show for Earth. This week our planet is passing through the debris cloud left by Halley’s Comet. The celestial event will …

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Ok, LG, This Terrifying Meteor Prank Ad Is Awesome

Ok, LG, this is really good. I don’t even care if it was staged or not, this is just a great ad. It’s also really mean, if these poor people weren’t actually actors. In order to demonstrate the super realism of their Ultra HD 4K television line, LG decided to prank a bunch of job interviewees into thinking their lives …

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