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Website Submission: Just the Facts
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Search Engine Traffic Breakdown

Over 90% of US search engine traffic is driven by Yahoo! or Google owned search technology – source: Search Engine Watch. Additionally Ask Jeeves owns around 5% of the traffic. You may hear the names of many other search engines, but most of them are powered by the above search engines in one way or another. For example, Yahoo! owns Inktomi, AltaVista, and AllTheWeb. All three of those search engines are powered from the same database as Yahoo! Search. A few meta search engines also drive a decent amount of traffic.

Anchor Text Optimization
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If you have done some serious reading about your website optimization, you probably would have come across the reference to the phrase “optimization of anchor text”. This article shall discuss the definition and importance of anchor text and how you can use this powerful website optimization feature to get high ranking in search engines.

The Kill Secrets of Ranking High with Major Search Engines

You always wonder how you could achieve better positioning in search engine indexes? I’d like to share some of my working experiences with you. After years of handling website promotion, I have figured out following rules that are proven to be effective.

Title Tag and Meta Description Tag Optimization
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Title Tag and Meta Tags are the author-generated source codes that are positioned in the

Evaluating a Search Engine Friendly Shopping Cart
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The objective of any shopping cart or e-commerce system is to allow visitors to shop on a business site for products they want. Not all search engines are created equal with equal capabilities. Some search engines are able to navigate through dynamic sites while others are not. Sometimes the search engines that are able to navigate through dynamic sites have problems indexing and navigating through the entire site.

Getting Your Site Noticed

There you are with your Web Site and absolutely no one knows your address. What do you do next?

An Action Plan For Marketing Your Web Site

Build it and they will come. That might have worked in 1995 when the web was new, but today that’s a fallacy. With more than 3.2 billion web pages competing against yours, if you don’t promote it, no one will come.

15 Tips For Getting Your Web Site Listed

1. Each page should have a different title, meta description and meta keywords. The information should be appropriate to the particular page, not generic to the site.

SEO Corner – Hiding Content from the Search Engines
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Question: We have recently inserted an “encryption code” in our home page at http://www.imagelair.com to keep most from viewing our source code (meta tags/keywords). The code works fine, but we noticed that our stats program reflected that about half of the hits to the default page every hit the “encrypt” page (our home page now).

My question is this. Will the search engines index our encrypted home page and Web site when it must go through the default page first, which has the encryption?

SEO Corner – Keyword repetition in HTML tags
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Reader Question: We have a client that has begun using an SEO service that uses multiple . Your opinion please?

Sandi’s Ts Site Review – META Tag Tips

The unified color pattern is good, but the overall look is simple and late ’90’s look. It doesn’t have the look of a site I can get excited about enough to purchase at.

Creating Keyword Rich Pages

Once you have established the keywords for which you should optimize your site for the search engines, it is time to figure out how you can get a high ranking in the search engines for those keywords. The solution is to create Keyword Rich Pages (KRPs) – pages which provide good content and in which a particular keyword is repeated a number of times so that the page gets a top ranking for that keyword.

Glossary of Search Engine Ranking Terms

Here is a glossary of commonly used terms in the world of search engine ranking.

META Tags to Improve Search Engine Ranking

Examples of META Tags

Understanding Meta Keywords

Adding keywords using the META tag

Maximum – 800 characters.

Site Map and Meta Tag Questions

Hello Ross, Here are my questions:

1. What are the differences between a typical site map page and a crawler page?

2. Is there any wisdom in having the meta tag with key words only on the Home page of a twenty page site?

Search Engine Basics: The Meta Tag

Now, I know what you are thinking; “surely we don’t need to worry about Meta tags, as most search engines ignore them” and for the most part you would be right. The importance of Meta tags has diminished so considerably over the past couple of years, that I fully expect this to be the last article that I will write discussing their optimization. That’s not to say that they are already a dead issue, but in the next 6-12 months their importance will be virtually extinguished.

Proper Use Of Meta tags For A High Google Ranking

Google is currently the web’s most popular search engine. Getting a high Google ranking is a must if you want your website to succeed! In addition to being the most used search engine in its own right, Google also provides the search results for other mega-sites, including America Online. By following a few simple guidelines, you can watch your site climb up the Google ladder and your traffic will climb right along with it. This article will show you how to make effective use of meta tags to help your website climb that ladder!

Shari Thurow Answers SEO Questions
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Ask Shari anything about search engines and see your answer published in DevWebPro’s weekly SEO Corner column.

Have a question? Ask it here.

Using Meta Tags Wisely

There are certain tricks and techniques in SEO industry, which can fetch you real quick and top ranking in short run and get banned for ever, which I am discussing in this article. Before optimizing any site, always follow code of ethics and never spam.

How To Protect Your Files >From Robots

Optimising website pages for the search engines without running into trouble at the very least causes most of us webmasters to keep our brain cells finely honed, and at worst induces massive migraines!

One of the most common challenges for us all is how to present “clean”, relevant and original content to a wide range of visitors.