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Matt Cutts Discusses Duplicate Meta Descriptions Matt Cutts Discusses Duplicate Meta Descriptions
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Google has released a new Webmaster Help video featuring Matt Cutts talking about duplicate and unique meta descriptions. Cutts answers this submitted question: Is it necessary for each single page within my website to have a unique metatag description? “The …

Google: Actually, Meta Tags Do Matter. Google: Actually, Meta Tags Do Matter.
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Google posted a new Webmaster Help video from Matt Cutts today. The question at hand this time is: How much time should I spend on meta tags, and which ones matter? This one is also significant because Cutts submitted the …

Where Google Stands on the “Keywords” Meta Tag
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Google does not use the "keywords" meta tag in its web search ranking. Google’s Matt Cutts explains this in a Webmaster Central video. This is not breaking news, by any means, but there are a lot of people out there that still put a lot of stock into this.

Google nerd-fighting over NOINDEX tag

Matt Cutts says an internal discussion over how to treat the NOINDEX tag has the company debating the best way to handle pages using it.

Google Explains Meta Tags
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Search engines pay attention to some tags, and none to others. Remember when the ‘keywords’ meta tag mattered? Ah, the good old days.

Misspellings: The Fate of the Keywords Meta Tag

Meta Tags were once a major player in SEO. With the advancement of search engine algorithms, meta tags become less and less significant. The description meta tag is still used for your search engine snippets, but the keywords meta tag has been disregarded by all the major search engines.