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Facebook Messenger Now A Platform, Provides Guidelines For Developers

Facebook just kicked off its annual f8 developer conference, announcing Messenger Platform and Businesses on Messenger. The former enables developers to build apps that Messenger users can take advantage of in conversations. The latter seems to be looking to take over email for business-to-consumer communications. Facebook is expanding the composer in Messenger to enable users to find more services (apps) …

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Facebook Will Probably Continue to Pump Out Standalone Apps

You know how you used to be able to use Facebook Messenger and Facebook proper on the same app – the main Facebook app – until the company decided that people needed a standalone app just for Messenger? Well, that sort of ‘unbundling’ is likely to continue. Hey, you wanted it, apparently. That’s the word coming from one Facebook exec. …

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Facebook and Uber Reportedly Talking Messenger Integration

In the future, it’s possible that you’ll be able to coordinate a ride to pick up you and your drunk friends using Facebook Messenger. Recode quotes sources familiar with the matter who say that Mark Zuckerberg has held preliminary talks with Uber CEO Travis Kalanick about some sort of Uber/Facebook Messenger partnership. “It’s very conceptual, and nowhere near execution…but it’s …

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Windows Live Messenger Users Should Start Preparing For Skype Assimilation

Microsoft announced last month that Messenger would be merging into Skype on March 15. That’s not exactly the case anymore as Microsoft has extended the deadline by a month. That being said, Microsoft really thinks you should start moving to Skype now. In a post on the Skype Big Blog today, Microsoft says that it will start to upgrade Messenger …

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Facebook for iOS Gets Voice Messaging, In-App Video Recording

Facebook has just rolled out an update to its iOS app that brings features that previously launched on Facebook Messenger for both iOS and Android. Starting today, you can now send voice messages from within the Facebook app. Earlier this month, Facebook added voice messaging to its Facebook Messenger app. That was later bolstered with free VoIP calling in the …

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Facebook Messenger Rolls Out Free VoIP Calling to U.S. Users

U.S. Facebook Messenger users now have a brand new way to make free voice calls. Well, kind of free. Facebook has begun the U.S. rollout of VoIP calling in their Messenger app, after testing the feature for nearly two weeks in Canada. The VoIP calling in Canada came along with an update to the app that saw all users gain …

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Water Ice on Mercury Confirmed by NASA’s MESSENGER

The hypothesis that Mercury has abundant water ice and other frozen volatile materials in its shadowed polar craters appears to have been confirmed. NASA announced today that new measurements from its Mercury Surface, Space Environment, Geochemistry and Ranging (MESSENGER) spacecraft provide “compelling support” for the water ice theory. The space craft measured the excess hydrogen at Mercury’s north pole, the …

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Facebook Is At Least Trying To Make The Android Experience Better

The Facebook experience on Android devices is notoriously bad. A little too often, things just don’t work like you’d want them to. Facebook realizes this. Last month, reports came out that Facebook began forcing employees to use the Android app, so they can work on making it better. Earlier this month, Facebook improved the Android SDK. Now, with a new …

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