Messenger Articles

Reuters News Alerts Through Windows Live Messenger

Today Microsoft and Reuters announce a deal which will bring Reuters News Alerts direct to consumers

Yahoo To File Trademark Complaint Against AOL?

Yahoo may be set to file opposition to AOL’s use of Instant Messenger at the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Yahoo Messenger in Mail and Google AJAX News Bar

Yahoo has started integrating Yahoo Messenger into Yahoo Mail, just like Google did with Gmail over a year ago. Because of Yahoo’s cool tabbed IM interface, the IM window is full size, supersized even, making for lots of room for avatars, rich text editing controls, and timestamps.

Yahoo Weds Mail, Messenger Together

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Yahoo brings two services into an integrated communications package. Yahoo Mail beta users should start to see the Messenger functionality first discussed in November 2006.

Yahoo Sets New Standard with Vista Messenger

While no doubt Google’s simple and clean applications have been a hit with some users, I’m really impressed with what Yahoo is showing off in its new Messenger for Windows Vista.

Soapbox Launches Messenger Integration

Today the MSN Soapbox Team have launched a new activity feature that will alow you to watch Soapbox videos on Windows Live Messenger in real-time with your friends.

Microsoft Gives A Gift Of Santa

Trying to fight your way through the mall for a picture of your kids with jolly old Saint Nick always end up the same way, with you knuckle-punching some rude soccer-mom in the throat for cutting in line, followed by the usual arrest, processing, and posting bail. Save yourself some grief thin 2006.

Macs Can Chat Better Thanks To Microsoft

Microsoft released its newest chat client, Messenger 6.0, for the Macintosh platform in Universal Binary form.

Yahoo! Messenger Gets Plug-Ins Galore

Yahoo! Messenger with Voice has just greatly increased its number of potential uses. Yahoo “officially launched (out of beta) its newest IM service with more than 180 custom plug-in features available to users worldwide” last night.

Microsoft, Yahoo … and Skype?

Yesterday’s announcement from Microsoft and Yahoo! on the inter-operability between their instant messengers is a good step forward in making it even easier for people to communicate via the net:

Yahoo Messenger for Mac Beta Released

I meant to write this up last night but got home a bit too late for that. If you’ve been a suffering with Yahoo! Messenger on your Mac for the last few years, download the new beta and rejoice.

Microsoft, Yahoo Update Messengers

Late news from Yahoo reveals a new beta of their instant messaging client with plugins and a developer kit, while Microsoft ties its debut of Windows Live Messenger to Johnny Depp’s forthcoming ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ sequel.

Yahoo! Messenger Still Not IM 2.0

Yahoo! Messenger with Voice now includes plug-ins “designed to let people to do things like track eBay auctions, see friends’ wish lists on Amazon.com, collaborate real-time on event planning and compare calendars with contacts” (via ZDNet).

VoIP Choices Ringing Off The Hook

Skype, Microsoft, AIM, Yahoo, Lycos, all of those companies have or will have options for doing phone calls from the computer; at stake is the biggest prize of all – keeping a person using a given provider’s other services.

Windows Live Messenger Offers VoIP

Microsoft will partner with Verizon to deliver PC to phone calling services as part of Live Messenger’s new features being made available in the public beta release.

Yahoo Sings Praises Of Messenger With Voice

The portal company launched version 7.5 of its Yahoo Messenger with Voice client along with pricing aimed at undercutting eBay-owned rival Skype.

Windows Live Messenger Beta Refresh

Neowin reports on and has screenshots of the Windows Live Messenger beta refresh that features a different UI and new features.

Top MSN Messenger Apps

Microsoft ran a competition for MSN Messenger (soon to be WLM) applications at worldsbestapp.com.

Shooting the Messenger

UPI is reporting that General Motors has canned Tony Kowaleski as its top PR executive and convinced former GM communicator Steve Harris to come back and improve GM’s battered image.

MSN Messenger On A Stick

BoingBoing points to The ThoughtSafe, a USB stick that is encrypted and contains a custom version of MSN Messenger.

Microsoft’s Windows Live Power Play

Participating in the first UK preview of Windows Live in London last Thursday evening was a worthwhile experience.