What Businesses Will Be Able To Do With Facebook Messenger

What Businesses Will Be Able To Do With Facebook Messenger

By Chris Crum March 25, 2015

Much of Facebook’s opening f8 keynote on Wednesday was about Facebook Messenger, which the company has now turned into a developer platform. The other major piece of Messenger news was that users will soon be able to interact with businesses. …

Facebook for iOS Gets Voice Messaging and More Facebook for iOS Gets Voice Messaging and More

Facebook has just rolled out an update to its iOS app that brings features that previously launched on Facebook Messenger for both iOS and Android. Starting today, you can now send voice messages from within the Facebook app. Earlier this …

Facebook Messenger Rolls Out VoIP Calling to US Facebook Messenger Rolls Out VoIP Calling to US
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U.S. Facebook Messenger users now have a brand new way to make free voice calls. Well, kind of free. Facebook has begun the U.S. rollout of VoIP calling in their Messenger app, after testing the feature for nearly two weeks …

Water Ice on Mercury Confirmed by NASA’s MESSENGER Water Ice on Mercury Confirmed by NASA’s MESSENGER

The hypothesis that Mercury has abundant water ice and other frozen volatile materials in its shadowed polar craters appears to have been confirmed. NASA announced today that new measurements from its Mercury Surface, Space Environment, Geochemistry and Ranging (MESSENGER) spacecraft …

Facebook Updates Messaging On Android Facebook Updates Messaging On Android

The Facebook experience on Android devices is notoriously bad. A little too often, things just don’t work like you’d want them to. Facebook realizes this. Last month, reports came out that Facebook began forcing employees to use the Android app, …

The Microsoft-Yahoo Merger From A User Point Of View

I’ve stayed out of the Microsoft attempted merger of Yahoo so far. But EVERYONE seems to be talking about it from all sorts of angles.

Me? I take the user’s point of view and that’s one I haven’t seen discussed much yet.

Will Yahoo moving to Microsoft be a good thing for users? Let’s take a tour.

Yahoo and JetBlue’s Arrangement

The announcement that Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger are partnering with Jet Blue to offer lightweight wifi services on flights is both extremely cool, and kind of sad at the same time for me.

Being that I’m traveling a lot now for work it becomes readily apparent when I’m in the air that it’d be nice to be able to connect to the web in order to get work done and communicate with colleagues, friends, and family.

Yahoo Messenger Adds Vista Support

An updated version of Yahoo Messenger arrived in a pre-beta preview for Vista users, who can install it in parallel with their existing Yahoo Messenger client.

Impending Recession for Paid Search?

How did I miss this post by Steve Rubel? Tired of doomsaying in the Web 2.0 bubble realm, he recently predicted an impending recession for poor old Google, based on several factors.

Microsoft Confirms New Messenger for Mac

Microsoft has confirmed that a new version of its Messenger instant messaging software will ship with and when Mac Office 2008 hits stores.

While we don’t know anything about features, or even if it’ll be named Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger (presumably the new name, though), at least Mac fans are getting a new version.

Adding Windows Live Messenger To Your Blog

If you’d like to make it easier for people to contact you via your blog (or MySpace or whereever you can post code), Windows Live Messenger has a site where you can create a nice-looking button in seconds that will get them in touch with your Live Messenger screen name.

Yahoo Messenger Adds Social Features

Yahoo said today that it is adding new features to its instant messaging service.

Bebo, Microsoft Partner

Social networking site Bebo and Microsoft have partnered to bring Windows Live Messenger to Bebo users.

Yahoo Messenger Webcam Zero-Day Exposed

Online chatter about a vulnerability in Yahoo Messenger has proven accurate, as a flaw in the service’s Webcam capabilities can be exploited.

Get Hot & Fresh Google Results

How would you like to search Google only for pages that were updated in the last 3 months? Well, thanks to Matt Cutts – ok, so maybe he’s just the messenger – you can use Google’s advanced search options to restrict your search to the newest results.

Yahoo Messenger Hits The Web
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Ubiquity and interoperability are the key features in the newly launched, web-based Yahoo Messenger client: it runs on multiple web browsers (including Opera, yay!) and can chat with Windows Live Messenger users.

Canadian Sues The Messenger
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Wayne Crookes, a former campaign manager of the Green Party of Canada, is suing Google, Wikipedia and openpolitics.ca for libel. He is suing the sites for posting made by anonymous users on Google’s Blogspot, for an entry under his name on Wikipedia, and on openpolitics.ca, a political forum run by Michael Pilling a Green Party activist.