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Mako Mermaids: New Episodes To Hit Netflix This Weekend

In July, Netflix launched an exclusive show called Mako Mermaids. You don’t hear about it as much as the most of the other Netflix originals, but it’s available to stream, and it has its audience. In fact, Mako Mermaids came with a built in audience, much like Arrested Development, another Netflix “semi-original”. The show is a spin-off of popular Australian …

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Netflix Readies Another Exclusive With ‘H2O: Just Add Water’ Spin-Off ‘Mako Mermaids’

Orange is the New Black isn’t the only Netflix exclusive show debuting in July. The company will also launch Mako Mermaids, a spin-off of popular Australian teen snow “H2O: Just Add Water“. The show will reportedly debut on July 26th. The LA Times reports (in an article tweeted by the official Netflix account) that the show is a result of …

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Mermaid Hoax Show Blasts Ratings Records

You might think that a show about mythical creatures would just be good for a laugh, or maybe for indulging in a fantasy about how awesome it would be if there were weirdly beautiful almost-people living in the ocean. And you’d be right. But you would also be correct in assuming that some people believe everything they see on television, …

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Mermaid Body Found: People Fooled by Faux Documentary Once Again

Mermaid body found: Although the “documentary” you watched last night aired on Animal Planet, it wasn’t real. I know that’s a little confusing for some folks to grasp, especially since the program appeared on a network that usually devotes itself to facts rather than fiction. As a result, people have been searching frantically for the truth behind these tall tales, …

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Mermaids Don’t Exist: United States Government Shatters Another Dream

Mermaids don’t exist? To most, that’s sort of goes without saying. But what about those men and women who honestly believe that mermaids are real? Maybe the only thing that gets some sad, lonely little guy through the day is sitting on a beach, hoping that his Ariel will come flopping out of the sea and into his arms. What …

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