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Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger Gets The NMA Treatment

Last week, Comcast announced that it intends to purchase Time Warner Cable for $45.2 billion. As expected, the announcement was met with criticism from pretty much everybody as words like “anti-trust” and “monopoly” were thrown around while others lamented a future of broadband data caps and terrible customer service. Besides the obvious threat to the Internet, the combination of Comcast …

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Sprint-SoftBank Merger Approved by U.S. FCC

In late June, Sprint Nextel shareholders voted to approve the proposed merger of Sprint and SoftBank during a special shareholders meeting. The only hurdle left for the companies was the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which needed to approve the transaction. On Friday, while many Americans were still enjoying an extended Fourth of July holiday, the FCC came through with …

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Exclusive: Cisco Issues Response to SalesCrunch’s $1 Bid for WebEx

As WebProNews previously reported, SalesCrunch has made an offer to Cisco to buy its web conferencing platform WebEx for $1 plus equity. SalesCrunch is primarily after WebEx’s userbase but believes the two companies “make sense.”

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