Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger Gets The NMA Treatment

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Last week, Comcast announced that it intends to purchase Time Warner Cable for $45.2 billion. As expected, the announcement was met with criticism from pretty much everybody as words like "anti-trust" and "monopoly" were thrown around while others lamented a future of broadband data caps and terrible customer service.

Besides the obvious threat to the Internet, the combination of Comcast and Time Warner Cable would also make the consolidated mass of power an unstoppable force when it comes to negotiating with content companies. Just last year, Time Warner Cable got into a fight with CBS over the cost of its programming rights which resulted in CBS being pulled from TWC's offerings until an agreement was made. If Comcast and Time Warner Cable merge, it would give them considerable clout when dealing with content providers. It might be a good short term solution, but it would put cable companies and content providers consistently at odds which is never good for consumers.

As always, the big news of the week isn't complete without a report from our favorite Taiwanese animators. The folks at NMA cover all the basics while giving us a preview of the porn free future that would result from the merger going through.

Image via Taiwanese Animators

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