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Extra Calories Could Help Slow Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, also known as Lou Gherig’s disease) is a debilitating motor neuron disease that can make it difficult for those affected to move or even breathe. For decades now doctors and other researchers have been searching for a way to cure or at least extend the lives of those with ALS. Now a new study has shown …

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3D Printers One Step Closer To Creating Human Tissue

3D printing has performed some miraculous feats in the field of medicine. Researchers are already playing around with the idea of growing organs with 3D printers, and now one university has proven that you can make human-like tissue with the technology. Oxford University revealed this week that its researchers have built a custom 3D printer that prints out a new …

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3D Printers Are Revolutionizing Dentistry

3D printers are proving to be revolutionary in medical fields, and now the technology is being used to revolutionize dentistry. Objet has a new video up on how its 3D printers are helping to cut down on the time required to make models of teeth for those seeking restoration. Apex Dental Milling says that it was able to make maybe …

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