3D Printers Are Revolutionizing Dentistry

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3D printers are proving to be revolutionary in medical fields, and now the technology is being used to revolutionize dentistry.

Objet has a new video up on how its 3D printers are helping to cut down on the time required to make models of teeth for those seeking restoration. Apex Dental Milling says that it was able to make maybe three or four models in an hour traditionally, but now it makes 20 or 30 with 3D printers.

Here's how they do it:

Apex Dental Milling use the Objet Eden260V 3D Printer to turn digital impressions into physical models. The use of the Objet 3D printer allows Apex to reduce their cost per case significantly and to stay at the forefront of Digital Dentistry. The final models are sent to the dental technician who performs a final fit and quality check before a restoration is sent back to the doctor. Objet's reputation for fine resolution 3D printing allow the dental technician to provide the most accurate restorations to his clients. Objet machines are reliable and robust and are typically left to run overnight and over weekends without attendence - further improving the cost/benefit to Apex.

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