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Judgment Day 2011 a Bust, The Internet Reacts

If you are reading this, that means you are still here. And last time I checked, the world didn’t look very godforsaken and apocalypty. This means one of two things: Either biblical numerologist Harold Camping is absolutely full of it, or the rapture occurred and nobody was worthy enough to take. May 21st came and went, and no apocalypse. Two …

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Judgment Day is May 21 Says Harold Camping, Twitter Prepares

Full Disclosure: I totally believe the end times are nigh, my friends. Christian radio broadcaster and president of Family Radio Harold Camping has given us the date – and that date is tomorrow, May 21st. Using numerology based on dates and time-frames mentioned in the Bible, Camping has determined that the rapture will occur at 6:00 pm, May 21st. It …

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Judgment Day May 21: Tips for Believers and Non-Believers

So we’ve all heard the news that the rapture may, in fact, happen tomorrow at 6pm. Biblical numerologist Harold Camping sez that a sweeping rapture will take around 200 million souls to heaven, leaving the rest of us here to, I’m assuming, ride roller-coasters and eat at Bob Evans until October 21st, the day when he says the world will …

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