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Ariana Grande: Should Fans Be Afraid?

Ariana Grande apparently isn’t the innocent young girl many people believe her to be. In fact, the ‘Problem’ singer has a bit of a dark past–at least with regard to whom she idolized when she was younger. Ariana is featured in the latest issue of Billboard magazine, and within its pages she reveals a few things most people didn’t know …

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Madonna, Grammy Awards: Grills Piss People Off

Madonna told Ryan Seacrest during a red carpet interview at the Grammy Awards Sunday that she wears grills on her teeth because she likes to piss people off. The 55-year-old also claims her 8-year-old son David designed her attire for the evening–which matched his–a Ralph Lauren ensemble– a black suit/tuxedo, replete with an oversized black fedora. On little David the …

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Rita Ora Hospitalized For Heat Exhaustion

While in Miami Beach on set of her photo shoot for Madonna’s Material Girl clothing line, Rita Ora reportedly passed out from heat exhaustion and dehydration and was taken to a nearby hospital. The singer was in the middle of a photo shoot in 90 degree weather when she was reported to have collapsed. Soon after, the beach patrol officers …

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