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Google Lets People in 45 More Countries Edit Maps Again (Including the US)

Google is going to let you hooligans edit its Maps again, even though you couldn’t resist using the tool to draw pissing Androids. The company has announced the second phase of the Google Map Maker reopening. This will open the map-editing tool to another 45 countries, including the US. This means that map maker is now back online in over …

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Google Maps Is On A Quest For Perfection

Google is on a quest. They have traversed the Amazon, gotten lost in Jerusalem and taken us on tours through the world’s most famous museums. Google Maps should have hit level 100 year ago, but they just keep on grinding to become the world’s most perfect map service. It’s that drive to perfection which led Google to create the next …

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Google Maps Enlists Students To Help Map Out University Campuses

When I was in college, one sight I never failed to enjoy was that of a frenzied (typically younger) student sprinting across campus on their way to a class they were undoubtedly late for. I loved seeing this, but not because I’m really that mean; I enjoyed it mostly because I remember when that was me. Similarly, I also liked …

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Google Declares Another UGC Mapping Success

Thanks to the hard work of any number of individuals (along with Google’s willingness to trust them), certain areas of Google Maps will now be a lot more detailed.  An impressive 17 countries and territories have been deemed set to graduate from Google Map Maker to Google Maps.

Although you may not hear about it often, Google Map Maker serves an important function by allowing people to manually add details about roads, towns, and other things when traditional mapping data is unavailable.  It was introduced towards the end of 2008.

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