Flight 370 Search: Dutch Firm Hired to Investigate

Flight 370 Search: Dutch Firm Hired to Investigate

By Brian Powell August 7, 2014

It has been almost exactly five months since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370) crashed somewhere along its route from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing, China. In the frantic search conducted immediately following the plane’s disappearance, scientists and investigators found essentially …

Google Maps Now Available In Bahasa Malaysia Google Maps Now Available In Bahasa Malaysia

Google’s had quite the crush on Malaysia recently. Last week, the company launched a Malaysia-specific domain for YouTube and now they’ve announced that Google Maps will have traffic and transit information for the western Pacific country. The traffic information, which …

YouTube Launches Local Domain For Malaysia YouTube Launches Local Domain For Malaysia
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Malaysia is rolling out the welcome mats for YouTube as the world’s preeminent online video service announced today that it’s creating a localized domain for Malaysia at www.youtube.com.my. As YouTube explains in the announcement: While YouTube has already been available …

Malaysian Police Monitor Protesters Via Social Media Malaysian Police Monitor Protesters Via Social Media

Social media taketh and now social media taketh away. Sorta. While social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have become integral for protesters to organize events, government officials in Malaysia have taken a page out of this playbook and used …

Yahoo Top News Site In Malaysia

More than half of Malaysians online visited a news/information site in July, reaching more than 5.5 million visitors, according to a new report from comScore.

Yahoo News led as the most visited site in the category reaching 1.2 million visitors, followed by the New York Times Digital with 873,000 visitors.

Malaysian Blogs Shaking Things Up


The New York Times recently claimed that the "year of the political blogger" has arrived. While that might be a true statement, it is certainly not limited to the American political agendas discussed in that article.

The Malaysia Situation

TechDirt has been keeping an eye on what is happening with blogging in Malaysia, and gives a little background:

Malaysian Grandmother Goes Online To Promote Campaign


An 89-year-old Malaysian grandmother is running for parliament in Saturday’s general election and is using the Internet to promote her campaign and to reach voters.

Malaysian Bloggers Make Political Run

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Bloggers in Malaysia are having an impact on the political process as the country prepares for elections next month.

Three well-known bloggers, who are opponents of the ruling party that has been in power for fifty years, are running for the first time as candidates on March 8, counting on their online popularity to bring in votes.

Google May Construct Server Farm In Malaysia

Throughout the past month or so, Google’s stock has taken a well-documented beating.  The company remains massive, though (with a market cap of $177 billion), and new reports indicate that Google may build the world’s largest server farm in Malaysia.