YouTube Launches Local Domain For Malaysia


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Malaysia is rolling out the welcome mats for YouTube as the world's preeminent online video service announced today that it's creating a localized domain for Malaysia at

As YouTube explains in the announcement:

While YouTube has already been available in Malaysia’s most widely spoken languages — Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, and English — having a Malaysia-specific homepage can now deliver the most relevant videos for Malaysians as well as make it easier to highlight great content from our local partners such as KRU Studios. If you’re in Malaysia, the site will automatically detect your location and send you to the Malaysia page. Anyone else interested in Malaysian content but outside the country can just as easily get to the homepage by just selecting “Malaysia” in the Location section at the bottom of the page.

While the new site unifies Malaysia's thirteen states and three federal territories under one meme-tastic YouTube banner, it's also a good opportunity to increase the exposure of artists and musicians. The launch event in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur was attended by several of Malaysia's top musicians, some of whom you can see in the welcome video that GOOGLEMalaysia put together to welcome YouTube to the neighborhood:

Also, do you remember this Malaysian internet celebrity, the guy who proposed to his girlfriend with internet memes last year?