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Kate Winslet Reveals What She Learned From Starring In Steve Jobs Biopic

Kate Winslet sat down to share her experiences in being part of the long-awaited and much-talked about Steve Jobs biopic of the same name. Kate Winslet plays the part of Joanna Hoffman, one of the original members of Steve Jobs’ Macintosh development team. The Oscar-winning actress said that the daily 12-hour shifts she took during the filming process made her …

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Apple’s Original Macintosh Computer Turns 30

A couple of days ago, we reflected on the 30th anniversary of Apple’s famous “1984” ad – you know, the creepy one that aired during the Super Bowl and was directed by Ridley Scott. That ad’s purpose was to usher in a new age in personal computing, at least according to Apple. The subject of that famous ad was the …

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Simpson’s Creator Matt Groening Helps Sell Macs to College Kids in the 80’s

As Holy Kaw and Comics Alliance points out, Matt Groening once did a promotional pamphlet for Apple in 1989. It was first posted Reddit, whose users never skip a beat when it comes to pop culture curation. The brochure is titled “Who needs a computer anyway?” and in 1989, that question was justified. The brochure itself alternates between Groening’s one …

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Blue Busters, Apple Ghostbusters Parody Video Is Amazing

The 80’s was filled with drug use, big hair, and amazing advertisements. All of which can be witnessed within this Apple ad called “Blue Busters”. The drug use might not be direct, but whoever constructed this 2 minute bit of awesomeness had to be on something. It’s a parody video of Ray Parker’s “Ghostbusters” theme song, and it will amaze …

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Apple Macbook Pro Gets Processor, Graphics, Thunderbolt I/O Update

The Apple Macbook Pro family has been updated with new next-generation processors and graphics, high-speed Thunderbolt I/O technology and a new FaceTime HD camera. 

FaceTime has become a popular selling point of Apple’s iPhone, and the iPad 2 is expected to accommodate it as well. 

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