Blue Busters, Apple Ghostbusters Parody Video Is Amazing


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The 80's was filled with drug use, big hair, and amazing advertisements. All of which can be witnessed within this Apple ad called "Blue Busters". The drug use might not be direct, but whoever constructed this 2 minute bit of awesomeness had to be on something. It's a parody video of Ray Parker's "Ghostbusters" theme song, and it will amaze your eyes.

There's a bit of backstory to the video which dates back to 1984, when the video was first shown during Apple's international sales meeting. According to a commenter on YouTube, he was there when it was first shown:

I was there in Oct. 1984. This was not an internal ad. I was a 1984 state of the art multimedia slide show with audio by Ray Parker Jr. who sang the original. There were also live dancers on the stage.

This was the opening presentation of the International Sales Meeting that introduced the Lightwriter later renamed Laserwriter. Apple always used a current movie as a them for the sales meetings. in 1985 it was Back to the Future.

The reason you haven't been able to witness the video until now is because it's been locked up, due to Stanford having a massive archive of Apple's history sealed away. It appears that some of the materials have been leaked and if there are anymore of these videos out there, hopefully someone will be kind enough to share.

The "Blue" being mentioned in the video is referring to IBM, who Apple was in direct competition with during that period of time.