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Apple’s Original Macintosh Computer Turns 30

A couple of days ago, we reflected on the 30th anniversary of Apple’s famous “1984” ad – you know, the creepy one that aired during the Super Bowl and was directed by Ridley Scott. That ad’s purpose was to usher in a new age in personal computing, at least according to Apple. The subject of that famous ad was the …

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Simpson’s Creator Matt Groening Helps Sell Macs to College Kids in the 80’s

As Holy Kaw and Comics Alliance points out, Matt Groening once did a promotional pamphlet for Apple in 1989. It was first posted Reddit, whose users never skip a beat when it comes to pop culture curation. The brochure is titled “Who needs a computer anyway?” and in 1989, that question was justified. The brochure itself alternates between Groening’s one …

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