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Louis Vuitton Wants To Demolish Hundreds of Websites

Louis Vuitton, the manufacturer of expensive handbags carried by thousands of people who usually cannot afford to do so, is asking a Florida court to put the hurt on hundreds of websites that sell knock-off Vitton products. Their targets:,, and any other company that makes its money selling cheap imitations of their beloved products. However, Vitton isn’t just …

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Google Wins Trademark Infringement Case

The European Court of Justice has ruled in Google’s favor with regards to a case Louis Vuitton brought against the search giant.  According to the ECJ, Google did not violate trademark law by allowing advertisers to bid on keywords trademarked by other companies.

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eBay Loses Court Case To Louis Vuitton

The Paris District Court ruled today that eBay is liable for harming the reputation of luxury goods maker Louis Vuitton through its use of trademarks, company name and domain name.

The Paris court has ordered eBay to stop using keywords which harm the reputation of the Louis Vuitton brand to promote its sites and will impose penalties of  $1,372 (1,000 euros) for future violations.

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French Court Slaps eBay With $63M Judgment

Auctions of fake Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey (LVMH) goods that a French tribunal believed eBay should have prevented resulted in a verdict against the online marketplace.

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Vuitton Bags Win In Google Case

Selling trademarks to competitors with AdWords may be a practice seeing its end of days at Google, as luxury brand Louis Vuitton declared victory after a French court ruling.

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