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‘Lost Planet 3′ Released, Nobody Seems to Care

Though the current console generation is finally coming to an end, stale current-generation titles are still falling victim to the fatigue. The latest casualty seems to be Lost Planet 3. The original Lost Planet: Extreme Condition received mixed reviews in 2006, but was one of the first games to demonstrate the technical leaps that could be achieved with the Xbox …

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Lost Planet 3 Trailer Explains The Science Behind Freezing To Death

You could say that I prefer the cold Winter months to the hot and humid Summer months. I never once questioned that preference until now. In the newest trailer for Lost Planet 3, we get two-and-a-half minutes of the science behind freezing to death. As the temperature drops, your body starts shutting down in phases. It all ends with your …

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New Lost Planet 3 Trailer Gets Inside Jim’s Head

Though the game seems destined to be quickly forgotten this fall amidst the excitement over Grand Theft Auto V and various next-generation console launch titles, Lost Planet 3 is still on-track for a late summer release. The title will be out for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on August 27. Capcom today released a new trailer for Lost Planet …

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More Lost Planet 3 Multiplayer Footage Released

Last week, Capcom release a multiplayer trailer for the upcoming Lost Planet 3. Today, Capcom has released an even longer look at the multiplayer of Lost Planet 3. In the new video, Lost Planet 3 Producer Andrew Szymanski talks about what players can expect with each of the new multiplayer modes added to the game. Both the trailer and this …

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Here’s Your First Look At The Multiplayer In Lost Planet 3

At the beginning of this generation, Capcom was incredibly aggressive with new IPs like Dead Rising and Lost Planet. The former seems to have slowly died out, but the latter will be getting a new installment later this year. Capcom revealed today that Lost Planet 3 will have four multiplayer modes that challenge players to go toe-to-toe with each other …

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Lost Planet 3 Walkthrough Trailer Unveiled

Now that Resident Evil 6 has launched to middling reviews, Capcom can switch its marketing efforts over to promoting its next big blockbuster sequel, Lost Planet 3. A bit of the tone for the game was glimpsed from the teaser trailer that Capcom released when the title was announced back in April, but no gameplay footage was shown at the …

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