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Probation Officer Returns $223,600 Dropped by Armored Car

An armored car dropped a bag containing $223,600 in cash while leaving Boomtown Casino in Harvey on Wednesday afternoon. Luckily for the car’s crew, the money was spotted by a Good Samaritan named Jessica Luebke, a probation officer. Luebke saw an unusual bag about 2 x 2.5 foot on the side of the road while driving around 12.30 p.m. It …

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Facebook Reunited Man With His Past

Usually when we lose something it doesn’t take long before we give up hope of getting it back. Brent Aguirre is no different. 46 years ago he received a class ring from his mother as a graduation gift. After only possessing the ring for a short time, it was lost; possibly at the bottom of the local reservoir, thought Aguirre. …

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