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Cholesterol Drug by Amgen Cuts LDL by 60%

A new class of experimental drugs have been proven to dramatically lower cholesterol, and may become a viable option for the 70 million Americans who have high LDL (low-density lipoprotein) or “bad” cholesterol. One of these new medicines, Amgen’s Evolocumab, cut cholesterol by 55 to 66 percent compared to a placebo in some studies. The new cholesterol drugs might serve …

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Cholesterol Guidelines – New Guidelines Could Put 35 Million More Americans On Statins

It is about time the American Heart Association changed the cholesterol guidelines for 25 percent of Americans over 40. Too many people are walking heart attacks waiting to happen. At least they’re acknowledging that there is a problem, but are statins the answer? The new guidelines suggest that patients whose “bad” cholesterol is in the “very high” range (190 and …

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