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I liked the last paragraph of Carla Schroder’s “Run Zeroconf for Linux in a Snap

Make a Linux Home Data Server of an Old PC

So, you’ve got an old computer, and you don’t know what to do with it. Sure, it can’t play new video games, maybe can’t run the latest and greatest software, don’t fret, it’s not totally worthless.

Linux Flash Player Saga Continues

Adobe’s Mike Melanson has posted some more information about the lengthy delays in releasing a new version of Flash Player for Linux.

Apple’s Unix To Surpass Linux?

Tom Yager dusted off his crystal ball this morning in order to answer the question “where will Linux thrive?”

Linux Options Omitted From Vista Survey

It’s either the Microsoft way or the highway for computer users according to a survey about the economic impact the Vista operating system could have in Europe.

Linux: The Flash And The Fish

Flash Player 9 for Linux made its public debut (finally) at a controlled demonstration during a conference. Meanwhile, a number of people have suggested ways that Ubuntu Christian Edition will work for its users.

Red Hat Choice Academic To Colleges

The company announced a trio of universities would adopt Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Network solutions for some of their computing needs.

No Flash 9 Alpha For Linux

Everyone who has been anxiously awaiting a peek at Adobe’s Flash Player 9 for Linux will have to wait until a well-scrubbed beta release becomes available.

Educators Push Linux Switch In India

Microsoft received a swift punch to the gut from an Indian state government looking to lower education costs by encouraging its school system to switch to Linux-based computers.

Why was Linux Successful (and will it stay so)?

Internet News reported on a panel discussion of the reasons why Linux was successful. I had been thinking about that myself recently, and had earlier found an older but more detailed article on the same subject.

Linux pinfo

I have never liked Linux “info”. The reason is simple enough: I don’t like Emacs, and “info” uses an emacs style interface.

Ubuntu Linux on Thinkpad T43p: Wow!
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After reading report after report of people using Ubuntu Linux on various flavors of desktop and laptop computers, I’ve finally decided to give it a try.

Flash Player 9 Heading To Linux

Development continues at Adobe to bring the latest version of its Flash Player to the Linux operating system platform.

Linux Libuser

The other day I had started typing “ls” while sshed to a RedHat machine and had only typed the “l” when I suddenly decided I needed to switch away to look at something else.

Microsoft Extends Hand To Linux

Microsoft is the 900-lb. gorilla in the world of software, and the company likes it that way. Rarely do you see it work with the open-source community, and among that group, Linux might be considered its biggest enemy. Now, in a sure sign that the apocalypse is right around the corner, Microsoft has announced plans to accommodate Linux technology.

Review: A Practical Guide to Red Hat Linux

I’m overwhelmed. This is the book I wanted when I started learning about Unix. OK, Linux didn’t exist then, but if it had existed, and if I were sticking my toes in it, this would have been THE book.

Linux Starter Kit Review

I should say all the nice things first: this is an attractively packaged DVD distribution of Suse 10.1 which includes a 128 page “Quick Start Guide”.

Firefox Up In Share, Out In Beta

The Mozilla Firefox web browser has begun moving upward again in global market share, and those users can now try out version 2.0 Beta 1 of the browser.

A Nail In The Coffin For Windows 98

From this day forward, users of Windows 98 and Windows ME may be on their own. Microsoft will stop offering updates and support (even of the “paid” variety) for these products. The company seems to be hoping this will lead to increased sales of newer Windows versions.

Puppy Linux

It sounds like a toy, doesn’t it? “Puppy Linux”. So cute, and when it first boots you’ll hear “Woof-Woof” as a help screen opens.

No Docs?

Microsoft can buy white papers whenever it wants, and of course they do. They say some of these are “independent, non-sponsored” studies.