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SCOTUS Was Probably Too Busy Today for Facebook, Zynga, LinkedIn, & Yahoo

It’s reasonable to believe that the U.S. Supreme Court only had one item to mark off on its to-do list for today, the last day of the term: make a decision on President Obama’s health care law. Given the gravity of the court’s ruling, the internet has been buzzing about little else since the decision was announced shortly after 10AM …

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Google+ Is from Mars, Pinterest Is from Venus

So every webpage you visit these days is required to have a minimum of twenty social media buttons so that visitors can send updates of their internet activities shooting across the web for all to see. I bet you didn’t know that. Tweet, Like, +1, Pin, Stumble, inShare, Digg, post to Reddit (along with a million other ways to share …

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Statista Reveals Tech Company Earnings Per Employee

Statista has come out with some interesting new figures about how much money a company generates per employee based on their reported figures. I know this is the technology age, but these figures are huge! Below are the bar graphs they put together to help us see the breakdown: I would be interested to see what employees make at these …

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