Conor Oberst Files Libel Suit After Rape Claim

Conor Oberst Files Libel Suit After Rape Claim

By Emily Greene February 19, 2014

Bright Eyes frontman Conor Oberst has filed a libel lawsuit against a woman who claimed he sexually assaulted her. On Wednesday an attorney for the singer-songwriter filed the civil suit in a federal court in Manhattan. The suit claims that …

Student Sues for Libel Over Facebook Account Student Sues for Libel Over Facebook Account

I think within the next five years we’ll be adding a new word to the official english dictionary – cyberbullying. It seems like we can’t go a week without hearing of a case where a teen or group of teens …

Fake Steve Outed As Forbes’ Daniel Lyons

Remember Daniel Lyons, the guy who lambasted the blogosphere in a notorious October 2005 hit piece for Forbes? He’s been revealed as the voice of the Fake Steve Jobs blog.

Google Needs K Street View Of DC

The growing scrutiny of the company’s stated aim to organize all the world’s information, and its more prosaic acquisition of DoubleClick, means Google has to pay more attention to Washington’s K Street lobbying practices.

Canadian Sues The Messenger

Wayne Crookes, a former campaign manager of the Green Party of Canada, is suing Google, Wikipedia and openpolitics.ca for libel. He is suing the sites for posting made by anonymous users on Google’s Blogspot, for an entry under his name on Wikipedia, and on openpolitics.ca, a political forum run by Michael Pilling a Green Party activist.

Courts Becoming Busy With Blog Lawsuits
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March was a busy month for lawsuits involving bloggers and webmasters. The court system taking them to task for defamatory statements, with one case becoming the first to go to trial and result in a liability verdict.

A legal system once tentative about taking on digital cases is braving the waters with more frequency. Most of the cases we’ve reported on have involved the statements of anonymous commentators, liability for which webmasters and bloggers have been repeatedly exonerated (or are expected to be). But these are different.

Google Asked To Reveal Blogger Identity

Another anonymous blogger is in the defamation hot seat after anonymous commentators labeled a local school board member a "bigot," an "anit-Semite," and even "ugly." The target of those words didn’t take kindly to them and is demanding that Google reveal both the identity of the blogger and the commentators.

Online Libel Suits

t looks like the Supreme Court has ruled protection over online libel suits.

Bloggers Protected From Others Libel

A California court has just ruled that bloggers and forum owners cannot be sued for defamatory statements made by others. (pdf of ruling).

Lawsuit Against Maine Blogger Dropped

Blogger Lance Dutson earned a victory against Warren Kremer Paino Advertising as the ad agency dropped its lawsuit against the web developer who criticized their business with the state of Maine.

PR’s Killer App

This past weekend, I did something that most normal people do. I met up with some people for a little soiree, then went out to some bars.

FT: ‘Tolerate Some Libel for the Greater Good’

There has been much written in recent weeks concerning the character assassination of John Seigenthaler over his biography in Wikipedia, prompting much discussion over the trustworthiness of an open information resource like Wikipedia which anybody can edit.

MySpace Is Now FoxSpace
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Okay, so NYT bought About.com – which is basically just a form of citizen journalism. Okay, so IAC bought AskJeeves, and in the process got the much beloved Bloglines.

Can Bloggers Be Sued for Libel?

Fellow PR blogger Jeremy Pepper interviewed David E. McCraw, Counsel for The New York Times Co., to offer some insight on bloggers’ potential libel liability…

Blogs, Law and Ethics

Wow, is it me, or is that headline a snoozer for a Friday … Well, law and ethics are becoming very relevant topics in the blogsphere.

Bloggers Warned They Can Be Sued for Libel
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In an editorial published Sunday the editors of the Dallas Morning News, while praising bloggers, warned them – particularly younger ones …

Internet Bullies: The Ugly Truth About Online Forums And How Business Owners Can Stop The Verbal Abuse
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“The Internet is an ideal environment for the bully and the self-righteous – you can attack personally without being personally in front of the victim. The flame is an unavoidable result of one-to-one communication that isn’t face-to-face…” Client Help Desk