Lexington Articles

Ceiling Fan Business Makes a Big Ass of Itself

Big Ass Fans, in Lexington, Kentucky, knows that their business is normally the sort of thing that exists in an industrial park somewhere, ships out to retailers, and doesn’t make much of a splash, name-wise. Think about it. What is …

Dead Man Wakes Up Before Embalming

Imagine the surprise on the face of the mortician when a man who was just about to undergo embalming, woke up and started kicking in his body bag. It happened in Lexington, Mississippi when Wednesday night, Walter Williams, 78, appeared …

Lexington Fire Department Tweets Detailed Account of Student “Riots”

The Lexington “riots” were the talk of the town–and beyond–this past weekend as Kentucky fans students took the street to, as the lead image indicates, apparently break stuff to show how much they enjoyed beating the Louisville Cardinals. We’ve already …

University of Kentucky School Trains Future Diplomats with iPads

The Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce at the University of Kentucky (UK) here in Lexington, has taken up an initiative to provide students with iPads for the duration of their degree cycle.