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Levi Johnston, Ex of Bristol Palin, Expecting Third Child

And here comes baby number three! Levi Johnston, infamous for impregnating Sarah Palin’s teenage daughter back in 2008, is expecting his third child. The baby is his second with 21-year old wife Sunny Oglesby-Johnston, whom he has been married to …

Bristol Palin Custody Battle Begins Due To Reality Show
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Bristol Palin has certainly seen some controversy since her reality series, “Life’s A Tripp”, began airing on Lifetime; before the show even premiered, she had an altercation with a guy in a bar who was not a fan of her …

Palin’s ‘Redneck’ Daddy Disappears MySpace Page
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Imagine having to stand on a national stage and smile knowing not only that your teenage daughter is pregnant but that she plans to marry the punk that did it—the punk who refers to himself as a “f*cking redneck” that’ll “kick [your] ass” on his MySpace page. Oh, the poise one must maintain!