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Kei Nishikori And Marin Cilic In US Open Men’s Final

Japan has a representative in a Grand Slam final for the first time since, well, ever as Kei Nishikori defeated the reigning No. 1 men’s tennis player in the world Novak Djokovic 6-4, 1-6, 7-6 (4), 6-3 to make it …

Chris Brown’s “Scary” Mansion for Sale

Attention home-buyers, Chris Brown’s house is now on the market. But before any offers are placed on the table, beware because this house used to scare neighborhood children. That’s right, Brown’s three bedroom, three-bathroom pad is for sale and has …

Area 51: CIA Releases Spy Plane Papers; LA Reporter Finds More?
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It’s right out of an “X-Files” episode. But is it true? A government agency declassifies information they’ve been sitting on for years. The revelation sparks further controversy. A reporter writes a book about it. It seems the real controversy is …

Every Poll Ever: Nobody Likes Being Tracked Online Every Poll Ever: Nobody Likes Being Tracked Online
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Internet privacy is steadily becoming the battle meme of 2012 and as the topic permeates the household vocabulary, one fact emerges more salient than any other: people don’t want to be tracked. To wit: a Consumer Reports survey released yesterday …

Suicides at the LA Times Suicides at the LA Times
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An operations plant worker and a company truck driver committed suicide just recently after being laid off from the LA Times staff. The big layoff happened just before the Christmas holiday. Recently fired blogging pressman Ed Padgett had some interest …

What is Fair Use? You Tell Us.
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What is fair use? It’s a question that doesn’t seem to go away. Traditional media publications often throw blogs under the bus for borrowing quotes and spreading news to their own audiences. While there are certainly plenty of cases in which blogs do trample on the concept of fair use, to say that blogs in general follow this practice is simply absurd.

Would Jesus Game Digg?
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The United States Marines, the Mormon Church, and the Korean Department of Tourism are all paying Australian-based uSocial to game Digg.com for them, according to a blog post at the Los Angeles Times.

The Latest In Fear: Journalism Professors
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The rise of blogging coupled with a growing distrust of traditional media may be causing palpitations in the hearts of journalism’s ivory tower university dwellers.