Chris Brown's "Scary" Mansion for Sale


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Attention home-buyers, Chris Brown's house is now on the market. But before any offers are placed on the table, beware because this house used to scare neighborhood children.

That's right, Brown's three bedroom, three-bathroom pad is for sale and has had quite the reputation for startling neighboring homes. The reason behind the frights were caused by the "monster" murals that were painted alongside the garage of Brown's Los Angeles home.

Luckily though, the monsters have now been successfully removed from the facade of the home.

After receiving a plethora of complaints from his neighbors, the rapper reluctantly decided to get rid of the home's artwork. But according to his lawyer Mark Geragos, Brown removed the giant murals for other reasons other than the complaints.

According to the LA Times, Brown wasn't taking them down because of the lost appeal but only because he was "gearing up to sell the property."

The asking price for the 3,000 square foot mansion is $1,920,00

Interested buyers-or just people who want to snoop-can check out the listing for Brown's place here.

Image Via YouTube