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PlayStation 4 Could Feature Smartphone Interaction, Cost More Than $400 [RUMOR]

We’re only hours away from Sony‘s big PlayStation 4 announcement, and rumors about the console are still flying. The latest rumors about the console come from Kotaku, which is reporting that Sony’s next-generation console could feature smartphone or tablet interaction …

Gaming Blogs Abuzz Over Reviewer’s Firing

Jeff Gerstmann’s negative review of massively promoted Eidos title Kane & Lynch: Dead Men may have contributed to his dismissal as gaming editorial director from CNet’s Gamespot.

Homophobic Hackers Hit Gay Gaming Site
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GayGamers.net isn’t so gay lately. (Look, if you want me to avoid the gratuitous puns, you’re going to be severely disappointed.) The site was hate-hacked over the weekend.

Sony Slowly Learning Internet PR

Sony’s recent dust-up with gaming blog Kotaku over their publication of a Playstation rumor ended up being handled much more quickly than their previous public relations blunders.

Gawker Moves Hint At Ad Downturn

An assortment of personnel moves and the dumping of a pair of poorly performing blogs under the Gawker Media umbrella will take place for a series of reasons, the first being a fear of an advertising downturn.

Microsoft Buying Lionhead?

Rumor is Microsoft is looking to snatch up Lionhead, the game studio started by game design legend Peter Molyneux.

Kotaku Blog Drops Xbox 360 Stories

A number of posts generated from a 26-page Best Buy internal document leaked to Gawker Media property Kotaku have been removed by the site under legal threat.

Gawker Blog Network: A nice little earner

Nick Denton, the expat Brit and creator of the Gawker Media blog network, is interviewed today in the New York Times.