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Kosmix Acquired by Walmart in Retail Giant’s Quest for Social Kosmix Acquired by Walmart in Retail Giant’s Quest for Social
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Walmart announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire Kosmix, which has a social media platform for filtering and organizing social network content, called the Social Genome. The platform, currently runs on TweetBeat, Kosmix.com, and RightHealth. According to Kosmix …

Tweetbeat Launches for Following Events Without Hashtags

Kosmix announced Tweetbeat today. A representative for the company tells WebProNews this product will "change the way that we observe and participate in live events forever." A bit dramatic perhaps, but it did just go live and provides tweets about major events, in real-time. 

It’s dubbed as a way to keep up with live sports, headline news, TV shows, conferences, etc. The company tell us it is significant because:

-  It bubbles up the most important/talked about events happening on Twitter

Kosmix Takes In $10 Million In Funding

It may or may not be time to use the r-word, but even in a recession, money has to go somewhere, and $10 million has just found its way to Kosmix, the vertical search company.

Truveo Brings Video To CBS Radio

Media continues to mesh into an amalgam of all kinds of content, the latest example coming in the form of a deal between AOL’s Truveo video search and CBS Radio.

Truveo, Kosmix Hook Up Over Video

AOL picked up a partnership with a search site that isn’t named Google, as their Truveo video search adds to Kosmix results for health, auto, and travel queries.

Revolution Health Traffic Getting Fit

Former AOL head man Steve Case has been actively promoting his latest venture, Revolution Health, and the website is seeing a rise in visits.

Autobytel, Kosmix Work Together On MyRide

For the 2007 model year, Toyota discontinued the Matrix XRS (the most powerful version of that particular model).  Closer to 2000, the Ford Escort, a perfectly nice little car, was replaced with the Focus, which was then recalled 12 times.  But things in the automotive world generally improve over the years, and so it was fairly exciting when Autobytel selected Kosmix to power its next-generation website, MyRide.com.

Kosmix, Healthline Had Death Cap Cure

Our earlier story about a doctor in California who turned to Google Scholar to find a treatment for death cap mushroom poisoning has an interesting coda: he wasted too much time on the Big G.

Kosmix Searches Yield Oddities

Kosmix.com is a self-proclaimed “world class search engine that lets people search less, and discover more great stuff.” It attempts to return search results sorted into categories that the user can then inspect or ignore. But based on the results several test queries generated, Kosmix still has a few kinks to work out.

Search done? These Two Say ‘Hell No’

I have been checking into other search engines that do something better than the big three.

Kosmix Health Search Goes Alpha

A new health topic search engine that will compete with Healthline and established sites like WebMD has launched as an early public test.