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Want to Learn Klingon? Duolingo’s Working on It

Popular language tutorial app Duolingo has just added a new language. No, it’s not Japanese (as people have been clamoring over for some time). In fact, this language didn’t even exist 40 years ago. Duolingo wants to teach you Klingon. Yep, the language of the Klingons, which first appeared in 1979’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture, will soon be an …

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Klingon Letter Of Resignation Submitted By Councilman

Indian Trail, N.C. councilman David Waddell surprised fellow council after handing in his resignation letter. The resignation was not the surprise. Mr. Waddell, a grown man and a real politician, penned his letter in Klingon. For those who may be unfamiliar, Klingon a fictional race/language that comes from the popular Star Trek TV series. This is how David Waddell chose …

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Bing To Add Klingon Language To Translator To Market ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

Update: Bing has now made the official announcement. Bing is reportedly adding the Klingon language to Bing Translator as part of a marketing deal between Microsoft and Paramount, as the studio prepares to release Star Trek Into Darkness. While we’ve been unable to bring up the language in Bing Translator so far, The LA Times (via Engadget) reports that it …

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Benedict Cumberbatch’s Star Trek Villain Named

Just days after the first teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness sent the internet into a whirlwind of speculation and rumor, Paramount has released a new image for the movie. It shows Zachary Quinto as Spock, Chris Pine as Kirk, and Benedict Cumberbatch as the movie’s villain, named by the studio as John Harrison. This means the speculation that …

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Star Trek’s Worf, Michael Dorn, Joins Twitter

Michael Dorn, an actor most well-known for his role as the Klingon “Worf” in Star Trek: The Next Generation, has joined twitter. Dorn’s Twitter handle is a play on his association with the famous character, @akaWorf. Dorn began his Twitter account by posting several pictures from the recent Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, which most of the main cast from …

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Star Trek Online Has People Tweeting In Klingon

Twitter…the final frontier. These are the voyages of game-maker Atari. Its 2-month mission: to explore strange new social networks, to seek out new geeks and new game players, to boldly go where no ad campaign has gone before!

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