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Kirby’s Dream Collection Teaser Trailer Will Revive Your Childhood

Nintendo announced a new collection of Kirby games back in April, but it was somewhat overshadowed by the simultaneous announcement of New Super Mario Bros. 2. The details on the Kirby game were slim, with Nintendo only stating that the game would be a collection of “fan-favorite” Kirby games on a disc for the Wii. Today, Nintendo is giving Kirby …

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Nintendo Announces A New Mario And Kirby Collection

There have always been a few things that you can count on from Nintendo. Mario and Kirby are definitely 2 of those things. Well now Nintendo has announced that they will be releasing New Super Mario Bros. 2 and a 20th Anniversary Kirby Collection. New Super Mario Bros 2 will be another 2D side scrolling adventure in the pick up …

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New Super Mario Bros. 2 Announced For 3DS

Nintendo announced earlier this year that there would be a traditional 2D Mario platformer released for the 3DS later this year. Later, the company trademarked Super Mario Bros. 4 which led to wild speculation that the 3DS would be host to such a title. That is not the case, but 3DS owners have a reason to be excited nonetheless. Nintendo …

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