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‘Family Friendly’ Walking Dead Will Re-Air on Fox Syndicate This Fall

If you love AMC’s hit zombie show The Walking Dead but hate all off the things that make The Walking Dead a zombie show–mainly the graphic depictions of exploding zombie heads–then you’re in luck. AMC and MyNetworkTV (a Fox-owned network) …

Maui Shark Attack Kills Fisherman
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A shark attack in Maui resulted in the death of a kayak fisherman whose foot was severed in the attack. The fisherman, who has been identified by the Maui County Police Department as Patrick Briney Stevenson, was reported to have …

Google Search Reveals Killer Hiding In Plain Sight Google Search Reveals Killer Hiding In Plain Sight
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Trust is a hard thing earn and give and that’s just a thing one woman could not give to her sister’s new beau who was, in her suspicion, a little different, weird if you will. She went home to google …

Has Twitter Killed The Blog?
Twitter Bird With Music Notes

Image by Salon de Maria via Flickr