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Ben Affleck: Will His Costume Blow The Haters Away?
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Ben Affleck has taken a lot of crap lately about being cast as Batman in the upcoming “Batman Vs. Superman”, and while he’s trying to shrug off the backlash, his longtime friend (and noted comic connoisseur) Kevin Smith says fans …

New Batsuit Will Not Disappoint, Says Kevin Smith
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For all those who were disappointed in the chosing of Ben Affleck to play Batman in “Batman Vs. Superman“, you now have a little something to set your sights on: The new Batsuit. Over the weekend, Kevin Smith, comic book …

Hughes The Force Mashes Up John Hughes, Star Wars

So what happens when you mix John Hughes, Star Wars with a touch of Kevin Smith? It might be something like Hughes the Force, a 35 minute movie that mixes one part Weird Science and one part Fanboys as some …

Kevin Smith’s Red State Debuts on VOD Kevin Smith’s Red State Debuts on VOD
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Normally, movies are first released to the masses via theaters, and no, this does not include the straight-to-DVD fare, either. This is especially true if the movie in question has any amount of buzz to it, something director/actor/writer Kevin Smith …

“Zack and Miri Make a Porno” Director Blogs for Hulu

Silent Bob SpeaksWhen visiting the Hulu blog today to see if they were up to anything worth writing about, I was greeted by a familiar voice (well, in text form). A voice that I have enjoyed for years through film, and "literature" (he’s got a couple books). A voice from a man who is ironically most famous for being silent.