Tara Reid And The Hulk Get A Lesson From Comic Icon Stan Lee

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Tara Reid has been acting for over two decades, but sometimes even the most seasoned vet can learn a thing or two from someone who's been in the business even longer than they have. That's exactly what Reid, Kevin Smith, and Michael Rooker did in a new Audi ad when they signed up to take "cameo lessons" from comic legend Stan Lee.

”I didn’t get to be the world’s greatest cameo actor overnight. It took years of hard work," Lee says in the ad.

The Sharknado actress appears in the commercial with Smith, Rooker, Jason Mewes and the original Incredible Hulk, Lou Ferrigno, as they attend a workshop to learn how to "cameo act" rather than "real act". If anyone can teach a class on cameos, it's Lee; he's appeared in a slew of films and ads, including several movies based on his own comic books.

Reid has taken a lot of criticism in the past couple of years for her role in Sharknado and the sequel, Sharknado: The Second One, which tell the story of a massive storm that dumps man-eating sharks on L.A. and New York, respectively. However, Reid says she took her job seriously when it came time to shoot, otherwise the jokes wouldn't have landed. She and co-star Ian Ziering must have done something right, as both films were huge successes when they premiered, thanks in part to social media and the huge build-up the movie received prior to air.

“Even though the situation was crazy, you had to play it serious. If you were playing it, laughing all the time, the story line wouldn’t even make sense. It’s like taking it serious in such an absurd, crazy environment and that’s where the jokes come in. That’s where it gets funny, so you really do have to commit to your character and also know what you are playing. And being in that situation that you’re in and playing it serious, then there comes in the humor," Tara Reid said last year.

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