Harley Quinn Smith, Daughter of Actor Kevin Smith, Almost Kidnapped by Fake Uber Drivers

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Harley Quinn Smith, one of the stars of Yoga Hosers and daughter of actor Kevin Smith, says she was nearly kidnapped by fake Uber drivers in L.A. late in January.

It was just a few days ago that Harley shared the details of what happened--or almost happened--in a lengthy Instagram post.

"PEOPLE OF LOS ANGELES," Harley Quinn Smith began, captioned a red block where a photo would normally be posted. "I was just standing outside a Starbucks in Brentwood, where I was waiting for my uber when a large, beige car drove up to me and tried to get me to think they were my uber. There were two white men (age 20-30) in the driver (blonde hair) and passenger (brown hair) seat with an uber sign on their front window, but they were most definitely not uber drivers. When I asked who they were there to pick up, making sure it was the right car, they wouldn't answer me and said to get in the car. They didn't have the uber app on their phone and were clearly just two disgusting dudes trying to kidnap a girl standing on her own. Protect yourself and never ever get in a car without checking that it's the correct car first!!! I was in too much haze of fear that I wasn't thinking straight enough to think to take a picture of the drivers or the license plate, but if you see a car like this PLEASE report it to the police and stop them from trying to pray on other young girls!!! We have already reported it to the police, but more information would be helpful in finding them. Be careful and look out for yourself/others!!!!"

Kevin Smith took to Twitter to warn his followers of the men who tried convincing Harley Quinn to get into their car.

Do you call for rides from Uber drivers? It's important to heed the advice of Harley Quinn Smith and ask the driver or drivers when they arrive exactly who they are expecting to pick up. It's a smart idea to let someone else know you are planning to catch a ride with Uber, too.

Harley Quinn Smith was smart enough to ask the fake drivers that question, and thankfully as a result, is safe and sound today.

Kimberly Ripley
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