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More Journalists Embracing Social Media

Journalist’s use of online resources to cover news stories continues to be more extensive then believed by public relations professionals, according to a study by Bulldog Reporter and TEKgroup International, Inc.

More Journalists Embracing Social Media

SpinSpotter Lets Community Fight Spin

Here’s a site destined for greatness and future abuse: SpinSpotter, now in “very” beta, and their Spinoculars toolbar. Tired of the liberal media being in the tank for Obama? Maybe you’re sick of the corporate media suppressing important news about their in-the-pocket Republicans. Or maybe you see how the 24/7 news cycle has turned once diligent and tenacious journalists into copy-and-paste-and-post PR hacks.

Gray Lady Warms Up To Linking Out
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Let it be on record that in late 2008, the New York Times decided linking to other sites is acceptable for respected journalism operations. The headline, meant to be the replacement of the town crier, is heavy and sluggish with decrescendo: “Mainstream News Outlets Start Linking to Other Sites.”

I’ll save you the trip to the calendar. No, we haven’t time-warped back to the Nineties.

Newsweek Bundles Political Coverage For Kindle

Well, here’s an unexpected benefit of the digital era for print publications: Newsweek will be publishing digital anthologies of its election coverage as ebooks on Amazon’s Kindle.

Essentially, that’s a nice repurposing of content that will be pure profit, something print publications need a little of these days. Consider this one of the early moves of a major print publications to evolve in a digital environment.

Survey Shows How Much People Make in Blogs & Social Media
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Read Write Web conducted a survey with some quite interesting results. They asked 20 bloggers and social media consultants (that they claim to know and trust) what kind of money they make with their blogging gigs. The agreement was for RRW not to disclose their names, and for the bloggers themselves to be honest about their earnings.

Get Relevant Quotes With Latest Google Labs Project
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The latest project to come from Google Labs is called "In Quotes". Basically what it does is pull quotes from stories linked to from Google News. You can search for a keyword or phrase, and it will find quotes talking about it.

Steve Jobs Obituary Just a Journalistic Preparation
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Steve JobsRegardless of what you may have read on Bloomberg, Steve Jobs is still very much alive. The newswire accidentally published his obituary yesterday for a brief amount of time.

Bad Idea: Tax Energy To Reduce Blogging
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File this one under U for "Uh, Wow, Okay." Before you do that, here’s a summary of a Washington Post editorial entitled "If Everyone’s Talking, Who Will Listen?":

Journalist/Blogger Leroy Sievers Passes Away

Leroy Sievers passed away on Friday.

He won quite a few awards for his journalism and news production efforts over the years, working with NPR, CBS, and ABC.

Forget Print, Can Journalism Be Saved?
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It would take steely nerve or extreme romanticism to major in journalism these days. The pay was never great for the green and the aspiring, and hence consideration of journalism as a career required some stubborn devotion to the importance of the Fourth Estate. But a decade ago, one at least assumed there was security, honor, and even prestige in the profession, which was motivation enough.

LaTimes.com Credits SEO As Traffic Winner
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Tech-pundits have droned on for years that print is dead. It sure started to seem that way this year, with report after report of lost newspaper revenue and subscribers. Cooler heads all along have countered the impending doom theory with the idea that nothing worth anything dies—it only evolves. The LA Times puts itself up an example of the latter idea.

Metallica Now Master of Puppet Bloggers
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This may or not be taught in PR 101, perhaps because the general tenet is obvious: Don’t screw up good PR with bad PR. We’ll chalk this one up to Metallica’s management and not to the band itself, just to be fair.

How Blogs Make Me Schizo
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One part I like about this digital revolution is that it takes a lot of the pretentiousness out of publishing. One part I dislike about this digital revolution is that it takes a lot of the pretentiousness out of publishing.

This Article Is Miley Cyrus Link Bait
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Actually, this article is more of a commentary on collective mental illness, exploitation and mountains made of molehills—no, that’s not a boob joke. It’s also about invented controversy for the sake of ogling eyeballs and links at the expense of a teenage girl who will be lucky if she’s not in rehab on her 18th birthday.

Blogger Goofs On Twitter Ads
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The latest gaff in online journalism comes courtesy of prominent tech blog, emphasizing once again an important point: When bloggers are under pressure to be first and fast, the journalistic process is undermined and due diligence is neglected.

Death By Blogging, NYT Style
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I’m not sure the last time I saw a New York Times piece that failed to convince, well, anybody. It may be because Matt Richtel made the classic mistake of developing a thesis and sticking to it until he found some evidence. (Academic tip: A good thesis comes after research.)


Score Another For Citizen Journalism
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Webmasters scored another victory in the court system recently when a Vermont judge tossed out a defamation lawsuit brought by a woman upset by comments made about her by a third party commentator.

Superior Court Judge David Howard upheld provisions set forth under section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, enacted by the US Congress in 1996, which protects providers of interactive computer services from liability for content posted by third parties.

An April Fool’s Message To The Blogosphere

The largest of stumbling blocks—well, more like walls—lain in the blogger’s path to journalistic credibility has been…journalistic credibility. That concern alone has been the traditional (read: now ye olde school) journalist’s trumping objection, a turned up nose progressively shrinking and less relevant. Until today, April Fools Day.

You’ll have to be patient on this scenic journey with me. We’re headed somewhere, I promise. Whether it’s some place cool remains to be seen.

Publish2 Receives $2.7 Million In Funding

Online news aggregator startup Publish2 has raised $2.75 million in funding from Velocity Interactive Group, a digital media investment firm.

Journalists Working Online More And Using Blogs More
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The shift from print to online media is giving journalists more responsibility and making them more aware of the commercial side of the business according to the "2008 PRWeek/PR Newswire Media Survey."

The survey polled 1,231 journalists including newspaper and magazine journalists, television, radio and online reporters, and bloggers.

Journalist To Be Fined Up To $5,000 Per Day
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There’s a disturbing trend in the American courts: the punishment of journalists for doing their jobs. The latest victim: Toni Locy, journalism professor and former USA Today reporter.

Federal Court Judge Reggie B. Walton is charging Locy with contempt of court for not revealing a source who supplied her with information for a story about the Feds’ investigation into anthrax attacks back in 2001.