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Can New Media and Old Media Get Along?
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An interesting topic was discussed at the BlogWorld Expo in a session called the "Death and Rebirth of Journalism," which WebProNews attended.

Washington Post Social Media Policy Faces Criticism

The Washington Post has sent a memo to its editors/journalists outlining the publication’s social media policies. They don’t leave too many options for what is actually allowed to take place on social networks. This is an issue that never really seems to go away, and is brought up every time a publication’s social media policies are discovered.

Survey: Online News Credibility Increasing

For the second year in a row, ARAnet has shared survey results about the news consumption habits of Americans. This year’s survey found that Americans are increasingly turning to online sources, as well as radio for their news, while going less to daily newspapers and television.

Google Trying to Differentiate Between Blogs and News?
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Google News is now labeling certain publications as blogs in search results. I’m not sure exactly how long it has been like this, but I noticed it for the first time today. In the past they have separated "news" and "blogs" on some results pages, but in what I’m talking about now, the results are mixed together, but some publications have "(blog)" written beside their names.

You can see a few examples here:

Journalists Not Protecting Themselves Online

BPM Forum and AVG Technologies released some interesting findings from the Protect the Press Poll, a survey of the cyber security habits of the working press. The biggest takeaway is that the supposedly well-informed members of the press are no better at protecting themselves online than the average user.

Getting the Media to Cover Your Business

Arketi Group has released findings of a study on how journalists use the Internet. The web provides a great many resources to both online and offline journalists. Here are some ways that most journalists use the web:

Journalists Get Some Love in Google News
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Google has added a couple features to Google News that make it easier for users to find content from specific authors and journalists. This is ideal for readers who like the work of a particular reporter, but would otherwise be unsure of where to find just that person’s articles.

Associated Blogosphere Seeds Begin To Sprout
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I’ve been trying to coin phrases since I started this gig in 2005—fraugs (fraud blogs), googlings (Google nuts), spitter (Twitter spammer) etc.—and not a one has stuck except “hamsterbating,” which I didn’t actually create but was credited for in an online dictionary.

Should Companies Restrict Employees Use of Facebook, Twitter?
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Update: The original title of this article was "USA Today Publisher Restricting Employees from Using Social Networks?" USA Today called WebProNews requesting a change because it made it look like USA Today itself was discouraging social media use, which is apparently not the case.

Google’s Mayer Testifies on Future of Journalism
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Marissa Mayer, Vice President of Search and User Experience at Google is testifying on Capitol Hill today before the Senate Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, and the Internet.

Guardian Asks British Govt. To Investigate Google
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We’re not witnessing the death of newspapers or journalism, just the apathetic and bloody culling of evolution; those with sustainable business models will survive, and those without, well, it’s curtains for ya. Nothing personal, just the way it’s gotta be.

Why Bloggers (All People) Need To Count As Journalists
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Recently WebProNews readers fired off a couple hundred comments regarding the US House of Representatives’ definition of journalist in the Free Flow of Information Act, a law shielding journalists from having to reveal their sources. A new development in Virginia involving a citizen journalist shows why this definition needs to be broadened to include bloggers, and any other type of journalist.

Hudson Plane Crash & Obama Show Social Media Legitimacy
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I’ve seen at least two stories today that remind us why social media can be a legitimate venue for good information. If you haven’t been able to grasp the concept yet, perhaps this will help.

Bloggers Erase Lines Between Traditional and New Media
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There’s little difference between a gadfly and a real journalist, and three New York City gadflies just proved there’s no difference between a blogger and a real journalist.

The New York Times’ City Room blog chronicles the victories of three local news bloggers who had been repeatedly denied press credentials by the NYPD because they worked online or for “nontraditional” news outlets.

Is Google Secretly Anti-Net Neutrality?
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The Wall Street Journal has created a ton of Internet buzz, but not in a good way. In what now appears to have been a slam against Google, Barack Obama, and Network Neutrality, there are misrepresentations, misquotes, and pure fabrications seemingly tailored toward a desired end: create the appearance Net Neutrality is losing its most important supporters.

More Journalists Embracing Social Media

Journalist’s use of online resources to cover news stories continues to be more extensive then believed by public relations professionals, according to a study by Bulldog Reporter and TEKgroup International, Inc.

More Journalists Embracing Social Media

SpinSpotter Lets Community Fight Spin

Here’s a site destined for greatness and future abuse: SpinSpotter, now in “very” beta, and their Spinoculars toolbar. Tired of the liberal media being in the tank for Obama? Maybe you’re sick of the corporate media suppressing important news about their in-the-pocket Republicans. Or maybe you see how the 24/7 news cycle has turned once diligent and tenacious journalists into copy-and-paste-and-post PR hacks.

Gray Lady Warms Up To Linking Out
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Let it be on record that in late 2008, the New York Times decided linking to other sites is acceptable for respected journalism operations. The headline, meant to be the replacement of the town crier, is heavy and sluggish with decrescendo: “Mainstream News Outlets Start Linking to Other Sites.”

I’ll save you the trip to the calendar. No, we haven’t time-warped back to the Nineties.

Newsweek Bundles Political Coverage For Kindle

Well, here’s an unexpected benefit of the digital era for print publications: Newsweek will be publishing digital anthologies of its election coverage as ebooks on Amazon’s Kindle.

Essentially, that’s a nice repurposing of content that will be pure profit, something print publications need a little of these days. Consider this one of the early moves of a major print publications to evolve in a digital environment.

Survey Shows How Much People Make in Blogs & Social Media
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Read Write Web conducted a survey with some quite interesting results. They asked 20 bloggers and social media consultants (that they claim to know and trust) what kind of money they make with their blogging gigs. The agreement was for RRW not to disclose their names, and for the bloggers themselves to be honest about their earnings.

Get Relevant Quotes With Latest Google Labs Project
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The latest project to come from Google Labs is called "In Quotes". Basically what it does is pull quotes from stories linked to from Google News. You can search for a keyword or phrase, and it will find quotes talking about it.