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Federated Media Sells Brand, Content Marketing Business, Forms ‘Sovrn’ With Battelle And Knapp

Federated Media announced that it has sold its brand and content marketing business to LIN Digital Media. Federated’s programmatic media and publisher platform business, which was built through its Lijit Networks acquisition back in 2011, will serve as an independent entity under the name sovrn Holdings, Inc. Federated Media Founder, Executive Chairman and CEO John Battelle will go to sovrn, …

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John Battelle Going Back To CEO Role At Federated Media

Federated Media Publishing announced today that Deanna Brown is stepping down as CEO. Founder John Battelle ,who has been in an Executive Chairman role since handing over the CEO reins to Brown in early 2011, is reprising his role as chief executive. Battelle wrote about the decision on his blog. Following is just a snippet: So when Deanna told me …

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Branding Sometimes Means Being Human

For years now, online marketing professionals have stressed the importance of the human element, particularly in social media. The point was elaborated on in a keynote at the Online Marketing Summit in San Diego today, where an audience of B2B and B2C marketers listened to Federated Media CEO John Battelle and special guest Anne Holland, who runs Which Test Won, discuss how to apply this concept to branding.

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Was Microsoft’s Bingathon a Success?

Last night Hulu ran the live telethon style infomercial for Bing called the "Bingathon".

So how did it perform?

Well, it appears nothing "official" has been released yet. So let’s see what some Twitter users (a co-host, industry professionals and everyday users) are saying about the Bingathon.

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Microsoft and Federated Media Launch ExecTweets

Update: ExecTweets is not the only thing Twitter is advertising. You can also see other ads for things like TwitterVision, Tweetie, etc. in the little box that previously only advertised Twitter services. Everything still looks to be at least Twitter-related at this point. And from the sound of it, they’re not making a money off of it.

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Twitter Measured Against Google, Facebook Yardsticks

Twitter turned three years old this weekend, and to hear some people tell it, the service is on a path that’ll have it taking over the world in no time.  But comparisons to a sort of kinder, less articulate Stewie Griffin may be a little premature, since it turns out Twitter hasn’t measured up to two other companies.

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Is Microsoft Going to Make Waves in Search This Year?

In a story we covered earlier this month, John Battelle accidentally typed into his address bar only to find a domain squatter. This of course led to speculation that Microsoft was close to rebranding its Live Search. They clearly were not too concerned about getting that domain (it’s still the same a couple weeks later).

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Battelle Talks Future Of Search At SMX West

It’s not easy to predict changes in the search industry on even a month-to-month basis; divisions get closed, new products are launched, and market shares waver constantly.  But at SMX West, John Battelle discussed the much more distant future and made some interesting forecasts.

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SES New York: Will Google Sell Itself Out?

John Battelle, who literally wrote the book on Search, believes Google’s apparent media-company aspirations will one day come in conflict with its purist algorithmic history.

Mike McDonald and the WebProNews Video crew are in New York for the Search Engine Strategies Conference. Stay tuned all week for the latest developments in online marketing.


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The Improved Reality of Parked Domain Traffic

For years many of us in the advertiser camp have yelled about the fact that vendors like Google AdWords lump domain traffic in with "search" traffic without giving you much control over the situation.

A lot of this was justifiable yelling – but as with much about the content networks (and stuff that should be in the content network but was in the past classified as search), today’s reality seems to have improved.

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Google Mentioned As Dow Jones Suitor

News Corp’s hostile $5 billion offer for publisher Dow Jones may spur a bidding war, and Google’s name has been invoked alongside other potential bidders.

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Battelle’s FM Tunes Into VC Funding

Author of “The Search” and “band manager” John Battelle’s Federated Media scooped up its first round of venture capital funding.

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