Hulu Taps SVP of Content Andy Forssell to Replace Jason Kilar as CEO

Hulu Taps SVP of Content Andy Forssell to Replace Jason Kilar as CEO

By Josh Wolford March 15, 2013

Back in January, Hulu CEO Jason Kilar announced that he would be stepping down at the end of Q1. And as that time fast approaches, Hulu has finally announced who will replace him when he leaves. According to Kilar, Andy …

Hulu CEO Forecasts 2011 Revenue Of $500 Million
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Prior to its launch, more than a few prominent bloggers predicted that Hulu would fail, and it was dubbed "Clown Co." in certain circles.  Now, Hulu CEO Jason Kilar has forecast that his organization will earn somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 million in ad revenue this year (see update).

Stewart, Colbert Return To Hulu

Eleven months ago, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report were pulled from Hulu.  Fans complained in response.  Now the shows are back thanks to a wider deal between Hulu and Viacom, and Hulu’s CEO, Jason Kilar, has also revealed some interesting stats and opinions regarding the site’s performance and the future of television.

Hulu Plus To Become Available On Some Android Phones

Individuals who both own an Android phone and subscribe to Hulu Plus are perhaps not the poorest folks around (food and shelter tend to come before data plans and entertainment services), but soon enough, they may get more for their money.  Hulu Plus is supposed to become available on certain Android phones sometime this year.

Hulu Attributes Unexpected Revenue Growth To Hulu Plus

Early reviews of Hulu Plus weren’t too favorable, with most folks coming to the conclusion that Netflix was a better deal.  The newer service has cut its price and improved its content selection, however, and as a result, apparently caught on to the point that it helped Hulu earn an unanticipated $20 million.

Hulu CEO Interested In New Investors, International Growth
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Hulu’s a nice service, but for everyone not living in America, there’s a major problem: the site’s been unavailable to them so far.  Now, although there are no guarantees, it looks like Hulu’s starting to explore ways it might open up to new audiences.

Hulu CEO: Ad-Free Version Not Out Of The Question

When the details of Hulu Plus were announced, many people were dismayed that the service still included advertisements.  Now, Hulu’s CEO has indicated that he’d be willing to do away with the ads – so long as enough customers are willing to pay more money.

Hulu Weighing Password Walls For Sake Of Cable Companies

As fans of "The Riches" may know, Hulu’s made would-be users sign in to see certain shows for quite a while now; the measure’s meant to protect children from mature content.  But passwords may prove to be a key in the process of bringing a lot of new stuff to Hulu, too.

Hulu CEO Talks Advertising and the Hulu Formula

Jason Kilar, CEO of Hulu delivered a keynote speech at ad:tech San Francisco. In the speech he discussed the state of advertising and of course his site Hulu, which has taken the online video world by storm.

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