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Jack Nicholson Gives Internet The Best Reaction To Jared Leto’s Joker

Jack Nicholson may not have been the original Joker, but he certainly gave Batman fans a memorable performance as the deranged villain in Tim Burton’s version of the story. With the arrival of a new film based in that universe–Suicide Squad–fans have been clamoring for photos of the new characters, but the first one to be released was underwhelming to …

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Amanda Peet Thought Husband David Benioff’s Show, ‘Game of Thrones,’ Was a ‘Terrible, Silly Idea’

Amanda Peet didn’t think husband David Benioff’s idea to co-create Game of Thrones was such a great idea for a television show. Amanda Peet‘s husband proved her wrong with his highly successful HBO series. During an appearance on the Late, Late Show With Conan O’Brien, the 43-year-old actress conceded to the funny host that initially she thought the idea was …

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Jack Nicholson Attends Theater Fundraiser With Look-Alike Son Ray

Star of The Shining and countless other award-winning films Jack Nicholson attended an Apollo Theater benefit in East Hampton on Saturday with his youngest son, Ray Nicholson. Nicholson is 77 while his son is 22, which is the same age Nicholson was when he got his break in the 1959 film The Cry Baby Killer, and onlookers couldn’t help noticing …

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Leonardo DiCaprio Looked Scruffy At The Beach, Bears Uncanny Likeness To Jack Nicholson

Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted at the beach in Malibu, California, during the Fourth of July weekend. However, people around him had to do a double take, as the actor did not have his usual look. He was sporting a white shirt, orange shorts, a full beard, and long hair – not the usual dapper DiCaprio. He played a game of …

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Jack Nicholson Retires from Acting

“You can’t handle the truth!” Jack Nicholson proclaimed in A Few Good Men. And guess what? Maybe we can’t now, because he’s quitting acting. [UPDATED]: E! Online reported that sources close to Nicholson said that the movie star is not quitting acting; in fact, he’s considering a few scripts. According to Radar, an American entertainment news aggregate, a Hollywood film …

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Jennifer Lawrence Gets Starstruck And It’s Adorable

Jennifer Lawrence has been the darling of critics, moviegoers, and Hollywood veterans for a while now; it’s a heady combination of talent, looks, wit, and self-deprecation that has attracted everyone like bees to pollen, and now that the awards season has come to a close, she’s proven her funny personality wasn’t just a fluke put on for a talk show. …

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