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Israeli Leaders Set To Evaluate Street View

The advantages of Google’s Street View program, which critics have sometimes said invades privacy and aids burglars, will now be weighed against the security demands of one of the world’s most well-protected countries.  Israeli authorities should soon decide whether or not to let Google take pictures of their two biggest cities.

Groupon Acquires 3 Deals Sites, Expands Into More Countries
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Groupon is launching in India, Israel, and South Africa as it has acquired similar deals sites in each of those countries – SoSata, Grouper, and Twangoo respectively. 

"Collective buying is in its infancy in India, Israel and South Africa and we see strong potential," said Rob Solomon, president and COO of Groupon. "Groupon is shaping the way local merchants market themselves in every corner of the world."

PM Candidates In Israel Will Face YouTube Questions

Israel’s next prime minister is supposed to be elected on February 10th, and recent events have served as a clear reminder of this position’s importance.  It’s rather impressive, then, that YouTube users have been asked to submit questions for the candidates to answer.

Israel, Palestine Take PR War To Web
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On the ground, it’s bombs, bullets and blood. On the Web, it’s a war of ideas. As Al Jazeera, via Twitter, stokes sympathies and outrage over Israeli force, the Israeli government fires back with information campaigns of its own on Facebook and YouTube.
Israel, Palestine Take PR War To Web

Israeli Military Putting Gaza Clips On YouTube
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Israel is well known for both developing and buying some of the most advanced military tech in existence.  Now, arms of the nation’s government have begun using two of the tech community’s favorite social media sites in order to explain and defend its recent actions.

Dead Sea Scrolls To Go Online
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The Israel Antiquities Authority is working on taking digital photos of the Dead Sea Scrolls in order to make the 2,000- year -old documents available to the public online.

Social Networking Lands Israeli Soldier In Jail

An Israeli soldier will be spending 19 days in jail for uploading a photograph taken on his military base to Facebook.

The Israeli military will not comment on the content of the image but said the soldier was serving in an elite intelligence unit. The Israeli press is reporting that it is the first case where a soldier has been reprimanded for using a social networking site.

Facebook At Center Of Mid East Conflict
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Facebook has angered Jewish settlers by listing them as residents of "Palestine", forcing the social networking site to allow users to change themselves back to Israel.

Facebook users living in Maale Adumim, Ariel and other Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank protested when the site automatically listed their hometowns as being in "Palestine." Settlers have accused Facebook of having a political agenda.

Google Israel Compelled to Expose Blogger

Slav Ben Ari sends in this news bit from his blog – I cannot read Hebrew and can’t confirm this info:

Israeli Journalists Insult Dutch Via Translation

Online translation tools have their uses, but substituting for an actual translation service when sending diplomatic messages across international borders shouldn’t be one of them.

Google Earth Turns Unwelcome Eye Towards Israel

We’ve seen this sort of thing before: people complaining that Google Earth has exposed military secrets or put certain structures at risk.  Yet of all the nations in the world, Israel may have the most right to worry, and it’s this country that the latest update affected.

Google Shows Support For Missing Soldiers

Google Israel made an interesting gesture today on its home page: it posted (in Hebrew) the phrase “thy children shall come again to their own border,” which refers to two kidnapped Israeli soldiers.  Some have called this “moving,” and it’s definitely unusual.

Google, Yahoo Reps Speak At SES Latino 2007

At SES Latino 2007 there was, as you might expect, a focus on the search market as it pertains to Central and South America; representatives from both Google and Yahoo see a huge potential for growth in the region.

Google Invests In Israeli R&D Center

Google, as we know it, is pretty much an American corporation.  You hear things from Google India, and some pieces of news will originate in Google Australia, but otherwise, it’s pretty quiet out there.  Now things have picked up in one very calm corner of the world – Google is adding a second research and development center in Israel.

Advanced PR Tech Chicago
After getting into the Chicago Hilton, a familar place from SES conferences, I walked the 3-4 blogs to the Columbia University campus where Bulldog Reporter was holding the Advanced PR Technology event. Greg Jarboe and I switched the time of our session with Katie Paine so she could make a plane to Dubai.

Shel Holtz on JetBlue’s PR

UPDATE:: Jenny Dervin has clarified her comments in a post to the PRWeek blog; thanks to Rob Clark for pointing out in a comment to this post.

Apple Pays Bloggers’ Legal Fees

Wow, Apple is ordered to pay $700,000 for bloggers’ legal fees.

Give Your Feedback on Analytics and Adsense

Jeff Gillis just posted the feedback request in the Analytics Blog.

Podcasts Grow More Interactive

A number of items have crossed my desk that lead me to conclude that podcasts are growing more and more interactive, a neat trick for a medium that has been decried as nothing more than glorified downloadable audio.

MeshForum 2006 – Robert Scoble & Shel Israel

Robert Scoble and Shel Israel gave a little bit of background on their book Naked Conversations.

Scoble and Israel Not Impressing Amazon

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