Israeli President Shimon Peres: Be My Facebook Friend For Peace

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"Be my friend for peace, I want to hear your voice. Speak up, and change the world."

That's the message of former Prime Minister and current President of Israel Shimon Peres, who has just launched a Facebook page to promote his message across a whole new channel.

Peres officially joined the network earlier this week, and as already amassed over 38,000 likes. His first post discussed Facebook as a tool to connect people all across the world and asked those "with him" to "click like."

Shimon PeresI am truly excited to write the first post on my wall.
I hope to find this page to be a place where peace dreamers and believers speak up and share their stories and experiences with me.
I have dedicated most of my life to make peace between countries and governments. Today I invite people from all around the world, from Europe, U.S.A, India, Latin America, Asia, Africa and specifically Iran, Lybia, Syria, and Egypt to join me and promote peace between the people.
Facebook empowers us. So let's dare to believe, start to change our world and create a better tomorrow.
I want to hear your voice.
if you are with me click like!

As part of his Facebook kickoff week, Peres actually visited the company's Menlo Park campus. There, he promoted his message fo being "friends" with the people: "The matter of peace is no longer the business of governments but the business of people,” Peres said. "Today the people are governing the governments. And when they begin to talk to each other, they are surprised. We should be friends."

At an event Thursday night, Peres said that Jewish people have always been a "people of the book," but now they were a "people of the Facebook."

On that note, Peres really is trying to initiate a conversation with the younger crowd. Exhibit A: this electro trance video aptly title "Be My Friend For Peace." Interesting, to say the least -

Peres will quickly learn that conversation on a social media site involves all sorts of unfiltered discussion. He only has a few posts, but a couple thousand comments between them. Some commenters have already taken to discussing women's rights in the region as well as current relations with Iran.

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