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Hawaii Lawmaker Backing Down On Privacy Law
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We reported yesterday on an idiotic bill proposed in Hawaii that would required ISPs to record every Web site customers visit. One of the main backers of the bill is retreading her stance on the controversial legislation. Representative Kymberly Pine, …

Hawaii Could Force ISPs To Log All Browsing History, Indefinitely
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In the current political climate, with all the buzz about SOPA & PIPA and now H.R.1981 & ACTA, Hawaii state representative John Mizuno has to be outside of his mind to introduce a comical piece of legislation like H.B. 2288. …

AT&T Drives the Most Business Traffic in the U.S. AT&T Drives the Most Business Traffic in the U.S.

AT&T is responsible for sending the most Internet traffic to businesses in the United States, according to a new report from comScore, highlighting data from September. The report is an analysis of Internet Service Provider market share within businesses in …

The FCC Is Still Trying That Net Neutrality Thing The FCC Is Still Trying That Net Neutrality Thing

In no way is the title of this post meant to be against the concept of net neutrality. Quite the opposite, in fact. That being said, considering how directly connected the telecommunications industry is to the political machine in the …

ISPs Hijack Users’ Searches, Apparently to Monetize Them ISPs Hijack Users’ Searches, Apparently to Monetize Them

Internet Service Providers are hijacking their users’ search queries on major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and directing them to third-party proxies. This news was revealed in an article by Jim Giles at New Scientist, who explains: “The …

White House Throws Support Behind New Anti-Piracy Agreement White House Throws Support Behind New Anti-Piracy Agreement
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Not long after the news broke that top Internet Service Providers had agreed to a deal with the music and film industries to adopt a new, graduated response to piracy, the White House threw its support behind the deal on …

Top ISPs Adopt Graduated Response to Piracy, Give Users Six Strikes Top ISPs Adopt Graduated Response to Piracy, Give Users Six Strikes
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A couple of weeks ago, we told you about a new anti-piracy campaign being pushed by the National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA). The deal, backed by the music and movie businesses would have major Internet Service Providers sign a …

AT&T, Comcast Preparing For Stricter Anti-Piracy Measures AT&T, Comcast Preparing For Stricter Anti-Piracy Measures
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Top Internet Service Providers and media groups are very close to a deal that would amount to one of the most serious anti-piracy measures to date. According to multiple sources, CNET is reporting that a group of ISPs that includes …

Did Comcast Help Restore Pirate Bay Connections? Did Comcast Help Restore Pirate Bay Connections?
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Following up to yesterday’s Comcast/Pirate Bay confusion, it was claimed that Comcast helped restore connections to the Pirate Bay, the notorious bittorrent site. Evidently, there was some confusion as to what happened and what Comcast was given credit for. Did …

Comcast Blocking Pirate Bay? (No, According to Comcast) Comcast Blocking Pirate Bay? (No, According to Comcast)
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Someone might want to let ISPs know that, no matter how much they want the opposite, net neutrality rules are still in effect. Of course, considering their success the last time Comcast went against the FCC, perhaps the ISPs just …

Goodmail Comes to an End
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Goodmail Systems will shut down this month, according to Direct Marketing News, who reports that CEO Daniel Dreymann says the main reason is an acquisition attempt by an undisclosed Fortune 500 company was taken off the table. 

"We were on track to be acquired," Dreymann told the publication. "We got a terms sheet, and they left us at the altar at the last minute."

Incentives Keep Broadband Customers Loyal
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Offering loyalty incentives, such as discounts on monthly fees, service upgrades and other benefits, provides a significant boost in customer satisfaction with fixed and mobile broadband Internet service providers (ISPs) in the UK, according to a new report by J.D. Power and Associates.

Around 15 percent of fixed broadband customers and 16 percent of mobile broadband customers report having received incentives from their ISP to reward their continued loyalty.

Google Re-Imagined As World’s Third-Biggest ISP

It’s common knowledge in the U.S. search industry that Google has a market share of about 65 percent.  Lots of people know (or at least know how to check) the search giant’s market cap, too (it’s currently at $180 billion).  But another measure of Google’s size was presented yesterday, and it turns out that Google is on par with all but the biggest ISPs.

What Google Looks for in a Town for its Broadband Project
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As previously reported, Google is planning to build and test "ultra high-speed" broadband networks in select communities around the U.S. We contacted Google to try and find out a bit more about what criteria Google is looking for to make its selections for these trial locations.

The New AOL is Now Live
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Update: The new AOL, or "Aol." rather,  has launched at Aol.com.

Original Article: AOL is re-launching as a whole new entity. Last week, the company unveiled its new logo for its new brand identity post-Time Warner. According to the Wall Street Journal, AOL is reinventing more than just its logo, however,

Customer Satisfaction With ISPs Rises

Overall consumer satisfaction with high-speed Internet service providers (ISPs) has increased from 2008, mainly due to improvements in performance and reliability, according to a new report by J.D. Power and Associates.

The study measures customer satisfaction with high-speed Internet service based on five factors: performance and reliability; cost of service; customer service; billing; and offerings and promotions.

FCC Proposes Net Neutrality Protection Plan
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This morning FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski gave a speech, detailing a proposal for keeping the Internet open for access to consumers, and protecting net neutrality. The proposal would prevent ISPs from discriminating against certain services, apps, or viewpoints on the web. It would also require those ISPs to be transparent about their network management practices.

What States Have The Fastest Internet Speeds?
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If you live in Nevada, Virginia or Pennsylvania you reside in states with the fastest surf speeds in the country, according to a new study from PCMag.com.

The bottom ranking states were Wyoming (379 Kbps), Hawaii (378 Kbps) and New Mexico (322Kbps), twice as slow as top ranked Nevada.

Controversial Goodmail Raises Another $20 Million
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GoodmailGoodmail is a company that offers a service called CertifiedEmail whose goal is to eliminate security risks in email, and it is one that many organizations turn to when they have important emails to send. Goodmail’s customers include a number of big name retailers from Walmart to Old Navy, not to mention ISPs like AOL, AT&T and Comcast, and government agencies like the FBI and the FDA.

AOL Still Reaching Record Numbers

AOLYou would think that the growth of broadband usage would take away from AOL’s business. That and the fact that they’ve been closing down services like mad.  Despite these things, AOL has managed to hit an all time high when it comes to traffic numbers, and has experienced year-over-year growth for unique visitors for the 21st month in a row.

The following AOL sites reached all-time high page view numbers in October:

Number Of Illegal Downloads Falling In The UK
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Fewer people in the UK are illegally downloading music for fear of having their Internet connections cut off, according to a new survey from Entertainment Media Research.

Three quarters of music pirates would stop if told by their Internet Service Provider (ISP) the survey of 1,500 UK consumers revealed.

About 39 percent of music fans currently download songs from illegal sites, compared to 43 percent in 2007.

Proposals announced in July said that music pirates could have their Internet access restricted if a voluntary enforcement on piracy is not effective.