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Wasteland 2 Shows Off 18 Minutes of Gameplay

Apparently, today is the day to release gameplay trailers. Just ask EA and 2K Games. Now, you can add inXile’s successfully Kickstarted title, Wasteland 2, to that pile. For those who are wondering where that 2-plus million dollars went, the extended gameplay trailer should give you a great idea. The new video features a large portion of gameplay centered around …

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inXile Entertainment Gets Help For Wasteland 2

Good news and bad news time. The good news is that inXile Entertainment, the party responsible for the sequel to Wasteland 2, has got Obsidian Entertainment on board for the game. The bad news? There is a catch. The project is currently on Kickstarter where it raised over $900,000 in it’s first two days. They are currently at $1,714,815 and …

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Wasteland 2 Hopes To Get Funded Through Kickstarter

Ever since Tim Schafer and his team at Double Fine shattered Kickstarter records by raising over $3 million dollars for their new game, other developers like the Tecmo MMO team have met with success after taking their project to Kickstarter. inXile, the developer behind the last year’s Hunted: The Demon Forge, has begun a Kickstarter campaign to fund a sequel …

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