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Google Lets Glass Explorers Invite a Friend to the Party

It looks like Google is about to expand the Glass exploration just a little bit, as the company has begun to send out emails to a select group of early explorers telling them that they have one invite to bestow upon one lucky friend. “Invite a friend to explore Google Glass,” reads the email. “Hi there – we love demoing …

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Facebook Is “Building” Something, Will Unveil It Next Week

Facebook isn’t at CES, which is taking place right now (neither is Apple, Amazon, or Google for that matter). But that doesn’t mean that the company doesn’t have a big announcement in the works. We, like most tech press, just received an invite to a special Facebook media event less than one week from today. The event will take place …

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Your Facebook Invites Sound Stupid When Read Aloud

Coming soon, the next new Facebook feature that everyone is bound to hate: Talking event invitations? Okay, as of right now Facebook doesn’t have any plans to bring user videos to event invites, but does that really sound all that out of the realm of possibility? The somewhat frightening concept is explored in the this funny vid from Jared Fried …

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