Your Facebook Invites Sound Stupid When Read Aloud

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Coming soon, the next new Facebook feature that everyone is bound to hate: Talking event invitations?

Okay, as of right now Facebook doesn't have any plans to bring user videos to event invites, but does that really sound all that out of the realm of possibility? The somewhat frightening concept is explored in the this funny vid from Jared Fried and Chris Distefano, who ask "What If Facebook Invites Could Talk?"

And here's the problem: they sound really stupid. There's no slick James Bond "this message will self destruct" vibe here - just a couple of annoying people reading even more annoying messages. Because the main problem with a large majority of Facebook invites is that they are written in a certain way (which this video captures perfectly), and their absuridty doesn't become clear until they are read aloud.

It's GOIN DOWN. BANG. Check it out below (NSFW language):

Back to the possibilities here. Although this viral vid was made in jest, what would you think about talking Facebook event invites? Facebook could easily include a "message from the creator" section within the invite, where users could upload their own videos directed toward their possible attendees.

Would that make you more or less likely to attend? It probably depends on the message. I bet your hipster friend from high school is just dying to be able to play you a few chords in the invite to his show this weekend.

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