Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” Ushers in International Day of Happiness

Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” Ushers in International Day of Happiness

By Jasmine Allen March 21, 2014

It appears that people all over the world are feeling a stream of joy lately-uploading funny dancing videos to YouTube and posting lighthearted tweets with hashtags #gethappy or #HappyInternationalDayofHappiness. So, who is to blame for all this happy fever going around? Well, of course music artist …

Facebook Launches Global Brand Pages Facebook Launches Global Brand Pages

Facebook announced the launch of Global Pages for bands. The company describes this as a new structure to provide the best, localized experiences for brands’ customers. The company has been testing the feature for months, but is now making it …

New International Spider-man Trailers + Posters New International Spider-man Trailers + Posters

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The first trailers we saw for The Amazing Spider-man were mostly teasers, eluding to the story of spiderman, and the new twists this next installment will bring. These new international trailers give us a lot more to go on. They …

iPhone 4S Comes To 22 More Countries iPhone 4S Comes To 22 More Countries

Although the iPhone 4S has been available in the States for two weeks, it’s just now arriving in many European countries as well as a couple of other locations like Mexico and Singapore. Today, Apple’s “best iPhone yet” hits the …

iPhone 4 Releasing To 17 More Countries This Week

Waiting for iPhone 4? you may be in luck if you happen to be in one of the following countries… Beginning this Friday, customers can purchase iPhone 4 in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. iPhone 4 will be available for purchase through Apple’s retail and online stores and Appler Authorized Resellers.

Facebook Taking Over The World

Not only has Facebook gathered huge numbers of members – half a billion at the last count – but the social network has also become the number one social presence in many countries, displacing some home-grown domestic social networks.

Facebook Is Now Ahead Of MySpace In The US and Globally
New data from ComScore shows Facebook passing MySpace in total unique US visitors for the first time in May. Facebook had 70.28 million U.S. users in May beating MySpace’s 70.26 million. According to ComScore, Facebook users almost doubled from last year while MySpace lost 5%.

The story is much the same worldwide with 123.9 million unique visitors globally visiting Facebook in May beating MySpace’s 114.6M Facebook had 50.6 billion page views compared to MySpace’s 45.4 billion.

Internationalizing Without Duplicate Content Worries

Priyank GargThe SMX Confernece was in Sydney Australia last week, and one topic discussed by representatives of both Google and Yahoo was that of duplicate content filtering across international domains. Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz notes that while the subject has been discussed in the past, many people including experts in the field have been in the dark.

Google Continues to Take Other Languages More Seriously

About a month ago, Google announced some things it was doing that would improve the way sites rank across different language versions of its search engine, in an effort that would clearly make Google more useful on a global scale. In what seems to be a continuation of this tradition, Google has announced a couple more language-based improvements to its products.

Google’s Global Zeitgeist – 2008 Edition
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Last week Google revealed the fastest growing search terms for the United States, which we looked at here. Now Google has released their year-end Zeitgeist, looking at a number of categories in (for the first time) over 30 different countries.

Facebook’s French Connection
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Facebook has been making a lot of efforts to expand internationally, and that continues today with the promise of a new team in France starting with one guy.

Google Improving International Search
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Google is doing a lot of things to improve the way they rank sites across all of the different languages of the world. Some examples of where improvements are being made include taking into consideration things like:

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo Take On Free Speech Restrictions

This is one of those posts where you get to tell me what opinion Marketing Pilgrim should take.

The WSJ is reporting that Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft have agreed to follow a common set of principles that will govern how they do business in countries that might restrict free speech.

PubCon – European Site Optimization

This session is a round up of current international optimization and promotion issues. Panelists will address multi-language issues, Euro PPC/SEO, and how to crack the Southeast Asian riddle.

Bloggers Win International Journalism Award

If there was any doubt remaining that bloggers can be considered journalists, consider that lack of faith obliterated. An Egyptian and a Burmese blogger are the first of the blogger-kind to receive the Knight International Journalism Award.

Google Has Controversy On Its Mind

Operating in over a hundred countries means Google has to juggle a lot of laws and cultural differences as they try to present information as openly as possible.

UK’s First Site That Searches Both Google & Yahoo

Searchboth.co.uk is a new site that allows you to search both the Google and Yahoo search engine at the same time.