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Instagram’s Bolt App Launches – But Not in the US

Despite the protests of an app with the same name, Instagram has officially launched Bolt – but not in the US. As of now, users can only download Bolt in New Zealand, Singapore, and South Africa. This shouldn’t surprise you, as Facebook commonly tests things in English-speaking countries that aren’t the US before taking them global. Bolt, which was leaked …

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‘Bolt’ CEO Kindly Asks Facebook to Not Take Their Name

You may have heard that the Facebook-owned Instagram is possibly launching a Snapchat competitor – a one-tap photo messaging app likely called Bolt. I know there’s a lot of doubt built into that sentence, and that’s because the evidence for said launch has been sparse at best. Even so, outlets are reporting that Instagram Bolt is a real thing and …

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Instagram Bolt? Leak Hints at New Photo Messaging App

It looks like Instagram may have accidentally spilled the beans on a new photo messaging app, titled “Bolt.” A banner notification was spotted by a handful of Instagram for Android users that said “Introducing Bolt – one tap photo messaging.” It quickly disappeared, but not before a couple of users snapped some screenshots. Did anyone else get this weird bolt …

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