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Google Launches New Google Trends (With Insights For Search) Google Launches New Google Trends (With Insights For Search)
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Google announced today that it is merging Insights For Search into Google Trends, creating the “new Google Trends“. Google Trends now includes features from both products, and the line chart and map have been updated to use HTML5-based Google Chart …

Google Looks at World Cup Search Activity

Google broke out its Insights for Search tool (as well as some other internal sources) to paint a picture of search activity related to the 2010 World Cup.

The World Cup’s 30 days of soccer began on Friday, and there will no doubt be plenty more related searching in the coming weeks. Google Consumer Operations Strategist Jaime Forman-Lau says:

Google and Predicting Search Trends
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Update: Google has a fascinating research paper available about how it predicts search trends. Some of the key findings from this research are highlighted in this post at Google’s Research Blog.

Google Launches Gadget for Insights for Search

Google has introduced an iGoogle gadget for Insights for Search. It displays the top rising searches and top related searches on your Google home page. Users can change the settings to show results for a specific location, keyword, category, or source.

Google Insights for Search Gets 3 New Features
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Google has launched a few new features for Insights for Search, which should make the tool even more useful to marketers than it already was. If you are unfamiliar with the tool, it was launched last summer, and it helps marketers find trends in search so they can be applied to your own marketing campaigns. It was discussed fairly extensively here.

More Ways to Use Google to Boost Your Marketing Potential
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Have you ever checked out Google’s Insights for Search? Basically it’s a set of tools launched last summer that let you look at trends in search to help you apply them to your own marketing campaigns. "See what the world is search for," as the product’s slogan goes.

Google AdWords Gains Insights For Search
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Another addition to Google provides some extra details about search behavior on the dominant search engine.